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10.Bhupendra Singh, Founder- Blink Strategic Solutions- 10 Most Powerful Leaders of Successful Companies to Follow in 2022

Blink Strategic Solution understands that every company has its defined values, vision, mission, and business goals, and to attain these goals, companies strive had to enhance the skills of their employees. As challenging as it is to hire the best talent; managing, retaining, and engaging the high performers is even more important. As a result, continuous learning and skill development become the top priority. 

Today, it has become imperative to build a strong connection with your audience using digital platforms. The question is how to effectively reach and engage with them? Their Digital Marketing coaching empowers your digital team to realize your business goals digitally. Their workshops focus on using real-life examples, case studies, frameworks, execution, and planning strategy, with hands-on coaching.

Their areas of work:

  • Leadership Programs: A complete leadership intervention program designed to build an organizational leadership pipeline.
  • Behavioral Programs: Programs designed to bring behavioral change in individuals to enhance their productivity and team engagement.
  • Sales Program: Develop a highly talented and motivated sales team by blending the sales teams with skills on rapport building, selling techniques, and motivation to excel.
  • HR Excellence Programs: Niche programs designed for HR such as HR scorecard, Measuring Training Effectiveness, Balance scorecard.
  • Digital Marketing Programs: Digital transformation programs tailored for marketing and branding requirements.
  • Technical Programs: Increase your efficiency and productivity effectively by excelling in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Six Sigma, and other functional pieces of training.

Digital Transformation Programs for Corporate

I would like to mention every organization’s digital marketing goals:

  • Digital Transformation for Corporate
  • Digital Transformation for HR
  • Digital Transformational Coaching
  • Digital Content Strategy​

Their team consists of Google certified professionals and trainers with extensive experience in using digital marketing tools and techniques in a corporate setting. They are your consultative learning partners in the sphere of corporate training and long-term interventions.


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