Bluearch Architects and Interiors


Creating exceptional living spaces that blends with your personality

People like to have an open, free and positive environment. If you have a workplace or a home that serves your purpose, your life becomes more. For this environment, you need to design your space accordingly. Designing a space is not as easy as it looks. Many aspects are kept in mind while designing any space. For this, you must have a professional interior designer who takes care of all your needs and gives you the space of your choice and lifestyle. Designing a space is not a common man’s job. It needs specialized people who have significant knowledge of designing like textures, colors, themes, furniture choices, etc.

Bluearch Architects and Interiors are one of the prestige’s firms that will help you to build your perfect space. Bluearch has received many international and domestic awards and recognitions due to its dedication and commitment. As a team, they bring together the knowledge of the arts and sciences. Composition, style, material, fabric, automation software, and various fundamental as well as best trending techniques of architecture and interior designing come into the project so that you can achieve more than what you imagine. The spaces blend in with your personality. All the members of the company believe in synergy while each person takes the responsibility of performing the tasks. In addition, AR. Ateet Vengurlekar and ID. Asha Vengurlekar participates as a jury member and panelist in various exhibitions on architecture and interior themes in India and other parts of the world.

Their services-

  1. Architecture: They specialize in all phases of architecture. The research and planning are always intense at every point of their project. The interests and needs of their customers are the top priority. Site Analyst, Design Development, HVAC, Electricals, Plumbing, Communications, Security, Routine Inspection, they take care of everything to make your dream come true.
  • Interior Designing: At Bluearch they have expert interior designers who can add both feathers and cherry to your visualization. They do designs on a wide variety of styles as per your choice. Can be contemporary or retro or medieval style, you dream, they will bring it to reality. They specialize in modular kitchens, furniture, furnishings & decor accessories, lighting, painting & wallpaper, modular cupboards, and more. Technology, materials research, trending designs, you will be amazed to see the process and their passion.

Creating extraordinary living spaces is what they do best. They strive to make all their designs look luxurious, bespoke, and unique. The attention to detail and the use of color and texture create a cozy, comfortable living environment. Bluearch prides itself on building a strong relationship with customers by continuously aiming to exceed their expectations and works seamlessly to provide the most stylish space for its customers.


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