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Blurgs platform is designed to facilitate the process of extracting insights from your video data. They offer out-of-the-box artificial intelligence services based on identified problems. All of their current services are designed to meet the need for rapid scaling. They also provide customer partners with a complete end-to-end suite of deep technology solutions, allowing them to invest resources and focus on their primary goal of building innovative UAVs and meeting rapidly growing market needs.

What was your goal before establishing Blurgs?

I have always been a tech enthusiast and enjoyed devising solutions that can solve problems around me. Surrounded by brilliant minds around me during my undergraduate studies at IIT Madras, I was inherently inclined toward getting into research at any of the world-renowned labs in the US or Europe contributing to that sphere. However, the pandemic had a deeper impact on my perspectives. 

I realized multi-folds of problem that still exist in India which needs attention. That is when I decided of quitting my research goals, stayed back in India, and switched my career to more practical aspects of technology, i.e. building products to cater to immediate needs. I was fortunate to find like-minded people like my co-founders Avinash Kori and Manik Sharma, who shared the vision and passion to lay down the foundation of Blurgs.

Thoughts behind creating an AI-based solution providing company

Again this goes back to the cognitive observance of my surroundings around me. During my undergraduate studies, I had multiple chances of visiting European countries for pursuing internships. I was awe-struck by the level of automation the people of these countries have in their day-to-day life. In my mind, this laid the foundation for developing solutions that can aid humans in performing their tasks better back in India.

During our final year of undergraduate, amidst the pandemic is when we (my other co-founders) realized the importance of products that can aid humans better. The workforce was displaced due to migration and the need for automation was at its peak because humans were affected however Covid didn’t affect machines, algorithms, and software. 

Many problems that we as a community experienced during the pandemic were directly or indirectly related to workforce imbalance. Say for doctors, health workers, front-line workers, etc. and Artificial Intelligence would have been better able to aid our front-line workers. That is how we realized the importance of building a company with AI-based capabilities that can enhance the capabilities of humans multi-fold.

Goals & Vision

We envision a future where flying a drone will be as easy as it is today to take out your car on a drive. Anyone with a drone and a valid license will be able to conduct missions on their own by using our proprietary software packages. We strive for a tomorrow where autonomous robots will be able to aid humans in hazardous, difficult working environments. We want to create a technology ecosystem in India that is super promising for future professionals/students to stay back in the country while doing justice to their talents and skillsets.

Services & Products

We currently deal with clients in the Drone Industry. We have developed a platform, “Drone DApp” that can streamline the entire data management pipeline from collections, storage, processing, and delivery of reports for drone companies. This platform is equipped with deep tech algorithms that can process data files on the go and provide real-time insights and actionable.

Active use cases – Security, Surveillance, Green energy firms – (Solar, wind), Powerline transmission

Use cases in the future – Survey (Forest, Ecology, Animals), Asset Management, Gas Pipelines, Maritime Awareness

Core target industry or sector 

We are currently bullish on the Commercial Drone market and the Indian Defence industry. We believe the current drone operations and use cases are limited by our own imagination. We are still scratching the surface of the potential flying brain (smart drones, autonomous drones) in the sky possesses. With the fusion of Artificial Intelligence in drones, the entire ecosystem will get revolutionized.

Flying Taxis, Drone Delivery, and robots going to war will not be only in sci-fi movies anymore and are going to become a reality this decade.

With the rapidly changing landscape of warfare, it is quite evident that future wars won’t be only physical confrontations. There is so much more we want to contribute by building strategic deep tech weapons (not just hardware products) that can safeguard the sovereignty of our country.

Methods that ensure reliability & scalability

Our technology team is divided into two core verticals, led by 2 founders 1. Product 2. Research. The product team is responsible for building solutions catering to the current market needs. The research team spends most of their time devising techniques with state-of-the-art methodologies so that we can ensure catering and staying relevant to future needs. Hence, our B2B clientele can absolutely rely on our algorithms to be the best in the market and stay focused on their core product for the competitive global market.

Even we ensure that the algorithms we develop are compatible across multiple platforms like cloud, local, and edge. Hence, giving flexibility to our clients to use our services as per their needs. We also spend significant time with our customers to educate them about our technology so that they can nurture the maximum benefits from our services.

Year of Founding: 


Founding Members: 

Roshan Raj, Avinash Kori, Manik Sharma

Funding information:

Bootstrapped, in the process of closing a Seed Round

Office Locations: 


Company Strength:

07 employees



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