Bondre Green Energy Private Limited

4. Prakash Bondre, Founder _ Managing Director _ CEO Bhupendra Bondre, Co Founder _ Executive Director - Bondre Green Energy Private Limited - Top 10 Solar Energy Startups in 2022

Contributing in green revolution of India

How does Bondre Green Energy come into existence? What were the reasons behind the establishment?

I am running a Tours and Travel business. Most of the expenses incurred were on diesel & petrol fuel. Therefore, I decided to start my own business on renewable energy sources. I decided to start production of CNG gas by utilizing residual society waste material to produce electric power by using solar power sources. By generating our own CNG gas and our electric power, we will reduce our daily expenses and will be able to increase our profit as well as we will reduce carbon emission. 

Tell us about your company’s vision and mission.


With our strong urge to support the AtmaNirbhar Bharat moment, Bondre Green Energy Pvt Ltd was established with a vision of making resources accessible for everyone. Generation of Power by Solar power plant technology, supply of high purity oxygen gas, nitrogen gas, Bio-CNG gas (RNG | Bio-Methane Gas), compost manure, and Bio-Fertilizer.


We have made it our mission to ensure that no establishment of Nation drops out of productivity owing to lack of proper access to raw materials and other resources like the supply of high purity industrial gases.

With our industrial sector-centric work, we are completely focused on reducing India’s carbon footprint by making renewable green energy sources like bio-waste-developed energy sources, solar energy, wind energy, and hydroelectric energy accessible in the form of clean power.

Tell us about your products. 

We produce energy from clean power sources like Solar power plants, Medical Oxygen & Industrial Oxygen gas, Nitrogen gas, Bio- CNG gas, Bio- Diesel, Compost Manure, and Bio- Fertilizer.

Which of your products are your USPs and Why?

Electricity generation by using Solar power is one of our USPs because Solar Power is the world’s future source of electric power generation.

What would you like to say about your team?

All our team members and employees are very dedicated to work and target orientated. 


Bondre Green Energy Pvt Ltd is a rapidly growing firm in the clean energy sector and strongly working towards bringing our country’s carbon footprint to a minimum! And, we are always on the lookout for growth opportunities, if you share our vision for a greener, renewable energy reliant India, get in touch and invest in the future leaders of the green energy revolution.

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Year of FoundingApril 2021
Founding MembersPrakash Bondre, Bhupendra Bondre, Sheshrao Bondre and Mrs. Geeta Bondre
Office Locations: 47, Radhanand Nagar, Manewada Besa Road, Nagpur -440034, Maharashtra, India.
Company Strength10+ employees

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