” A commercial and criminal litigation boutique, providing outstanding services to government, corporations and individuals in India and abroad.”

Bonum Lex: Using multidisciplinary legal expertise and adhering to the highest ethical standards

Bonum Lex is a New Delhi-based law firm that provides complete legal services to clients throughout India and overseas. Bonum Lex take pleasure in developing long-term connections with those who work with us and taking a unified approach to each individual’s or company’s concerns. Bonum Lex are a commercial and criminal litigation boutique in India and internationally that provides great services to the government, corporations, and individuals.

Bonum Lex legal team is knowledgeable, helpful, and sophisticated. With legal knowledge and trusted legal counsel on key situations, Bonum Lex assist and support our Clients. We endeavour to give the best possible experience to our clients by maintaining a collaborative and cohesive work culture at our firm.

We have extensive experience in a wide range of civil and commercial concerns, including property, tax, consumer disputes, and service issues. We have a strong reputation in all areas of criminal law and litigation, and we handle significant fraud investigations, money laundering prevention, money circulation investigations, and other criminal complaints. Our firm is connected to a network of top lawyers, and we seek their skilled legal advice in situations involving their areas of specialty.

R.K. Naroola & Udayan Mukerji Senior Partners

“At his finest, man is the noblest of all animals; divorced from rule and justice, he is the worst,” declared Aristotle, a legendary Greek philosopher and scientist. Despite the fact that law is regarded as a noble profession dedicated to the greater good, Indian customers continue to place their trust in attorneys in their pursuit for justice. With the world’s second-largest population of qualified legal practitioners, India is home to a plethora of ethically sound lawyers who are unafraid to go toe-to-toe with powerful interests on behalf of their clients and the public good, and who do so with integrity, despite the odds, to ensure that justice is served to all. However, because legal planning is the result of legal aptitude and experience, a lawyer must also have legal acumen and competence, in addition to in-depth knowledge and adherence to the tight Indian regulatory framework, in order to succeed. Bonum Lex, a New Delhi-based commercial and criminal litigation boutique legal company that, according to its name (which means “good law” in Latin), provides a wide range of services to government, corporations, and individuals in India and overseas, embodies all of these attributes in spades.

“Our firm has effectively supplied consistent legal assistance to clients in a variety of matters. Furthermore, we provide our clients with a compelling reason to act where they might be hesitant due to red tape and delays,” says R.K. Naroola, Senior Partner, Bonum Lex, who has a distinguished career in Indian industry with expertise in laws relating to Mining, Ports, Power, Infrastructure, Environment, Banking, Labour Laws, and Industrial Relations.

Udayan Mukerji, the firm’s other Senior Partner, worked at various levels in the Indian Police Service for three decades, gaining extensive experience and in-depth expertise in areas such as homeland security, the security of Indian Missions Abroad, internal security, communications security, and investigations into security flaws. It’s no surprise that this company, which was created in 2013, has a strong grasp on all parts of criminal law and litigation, and handles significant fraud investigations, money laundering prevention, investigations in money circulation cases, and other criminal complaints.

Bonum Lex has a combined experience of several decades in various practise areas such as Regulatory Framework, Foreign Exchange Management, FDI, Foreign Portfolio Investment, Environment Laws, Labour Relations, Arbitration, Contracts, Corporate, Criminal, and Civil Litigation, by combining the individual experience of its partners and associates. The firm takes pleasure in cultivating long-term connections with those who work for it and in applying a unified strategy to each individual’s or company’s difficulties.

Key Management: R.K. Naroola, Senior Partner

Using his highly specialised experience in Collaborations, Joint Ventures, Banking, Industrial Relations, Labour Law, International Financial Institutions, Foreign Trade, Contract Law, and Negotiations, Naroola has facilitated the smooth launch and development of several companies and Joint Ventures in India and abroad. He is a member of the SCBA and HCBA, as well as a Certificated Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers (CAIIB). He is also a Life Member of the Indian Institute of Bankers and the Indian Council of Arbitration.

Udayan Mukerji, Senior Partner

A proud recipient of the prestigious Indian Police Medal for Meritorious Service and the President’s Medal for Distinguished Service, Udayan has proficiently orchestrated litigation /legal counselling in diverse areas including criminal matters, torts, writ petitions under the Chapter on Fundamental Rights in the Constitution and contracts. He is a Member of the SCBA, DHCBA, Supreme Court Bar Association, Indian Council of Arbitration and the International Bar Association.

Practice Areas: Arbitration, Banking Law, Competition, Communication & Information Technology, Consumer Protection, Contract & Commercial, Corporate Matters, Criminal & Litigation, Intellectual Property Law, Labor & Industrial Relations, Personal Laws and Securities Law

A Broad Range of Services

Most law companies have recently evolved into specialised megaliths, with employees segregated in cubicles and some clients receiving less than optimal service. Clients nowadays want one point of contact for all types of legal aid rather than having to knock on the doors of several law firms for every different form of specialised legal requirement; therefore boutique law firms are quickly gaining ground against them. Furthermore, they are more akin to multidisciplinary mid-sized clinics that can diagnose and provide a more comprehensive and well-suited bundle of legal services, adapting more quickly and efficiently to India’s dynamically expanding society.

Bonum Lex is one such boutique business that addresses a wide range of legal issues in tandem with societal concerns, such as privacy and constitutional rights, the Consumer Protection Act, and the Negotiable Instruments Act, among others. It also covers topics that are yet relatively uncharted territory, such as environmental legislation, product and process patent difficulties, and the new regulatory framework ushered in by the Companies Act, 2013, all of which are growing in relevance. Apart from a long-standing devotion to criminal law, including but not limited to white collar crimes, the firm also handles personal legal cases with sensitivity and care. “The dissolution of joint families, along with the stresses and strains of urban/metropolitan existence, has contributed enormous momentum to the practise, as well as the necessity for a proper grasp of family and community regulations,” Naroola argues.

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