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4. Nitin Garg, Director - BR Softech Pvt Ltd - 10 Best Corporate Leaders From Jaipur 2021

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BR Softech is an award-winning ISO: 9001: 2008 certified web, mobile, and game applications development company. They have offices in the USA, Canada, Australia, and their headquarter is situated in Jaipur, India. They have a team of more than 150 highly skilled, experienced, and fully energetic members. BR Softech is an IT consulting and solution providing organization for next-generation business collaborates throughout the world. With a comprehensive intelligence system across diverse industries and domains, they dedicatedly work over the client’s project to turn them into some most successful and high-performance organizations. Sharpen edges through innovation and continuous learning, all these factors turn it into the most promising brand since 2010. At BR Softech, success is guaranteed backed by their efforts, hard work, customer-centric approach, and organized team effort.

The USP of BR Softech lies in its excellent model of project management that helps them to deliver the most complicated, advanced web and mobile app solutions. Client satisfaction is their prime concern and to achieve this they use the latest generation technology, smart managing skills to ensure on-time delivery. You will get 24*7 customer support from their side to provide the best solution instantly. BR Softech was awarded WQC Award 2012, Raj. IT Company Award 2013 for its Mobile application development, Top 5 Mobile App Development company award for excellent performance, Fast 50 Indian IT Growing company 2014.

Services they offer: 

  • App development: BR Softech is the most reliable and affordable Mobile app development company in the world. That is rated as the Best Mobile App Development Company in India. Their vision is to bring the outcome as the best and most productive apps for their clients. They have a highly talented and experienced team who works for mobile application development services and every day they meet with complex business challenges.
  • Web design & development: BR Softech has featured out as a top web development company of the world, for many years it’s weaving its magic in the field of website development. BR Softech offers pre-eminent web design services to their clients worldwide as they believe in long-term relationships with their clients that is why they first understand the need of the client & then start the deed of his project. Apart from that, they provide affordable website design & redesign Services with the collaboration of an experts team by using the latest technology & Resources. Which makes BR Softech a professional Web development company worldwide. It offers bits of services like web design & development solutions which conduct with the front end & back end interface & mobile web & app design & development solutions with various CMS & frameworks to shape your thought into a flexible Layout. This reputed firm has its physical presence among top web design & web development companies in Australia, USA, UK, UAE, Canada.
  • Software development: Software development is the computer programming, testing, documenting, and bug fixing involved in maintaining and creating applications and frameworks involved in a software release life cycle and resulting in a Quality Software Product. There are many different approaches to software project management, known as software development life cycle models, methodologies, models. The waterfall model is a traditional version, contrasted with the more recent innovation of agile software development. BR Softech software development has proved to be effective and helpful for organizations. You can be assured that the solutions delivered, meet the global standards of software development.

The mission of BR Softech is to provide cost-effective, high-quality web and mobile application development services to their clients. In their business customer, satisfaction is the top priority, and they believe in satisfying all the demands of their clients. They combine managerial experts with a large pool of extremely qualified and experienced web and mobile app developers to provide world-class service. BR Softech is committed to improving the performance and efficiency of the client through a top-notch software development process. They take business objectives to fulfill client needs into account to improve the quality, reduced time & cost significantly.

Their main responsibility is to deliver value for money to their clients. They do not quote extra for any kind of work; their all quotes depend on the type of project. They always try to offer a highly enticing proposal that can fit in the client’s budget, and they can also provide the best from their side. They help their clients in achieving business objectives successfully by providing best in class IT related services as per the industry standards


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