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Brand Horizon services are provided on a two-tiered basis. We work with our clients on a “pay as you go” basis.

In firms that choose a longer-term result-driven engagement to establish brand equity, we also work on a subscription-based approach. This provides a cost-effective alternative to hiring an in-house Brand Manager while also using our

We are a leading brand consulting agency based in Bangalore’s UB City. For SMEs and startups, we offer entire branding solutions.

Through using branding as a strategic tool, we develop a value proposition for our clients by fostering long-term business success.


Leading the Present, Shaping the future“is a unique life cycle model for organizations. While we fully utilize value created from the learning curve, we offer a unique selling proposition through innovative and creative solutions to attract newer businesses.

Our mission is to help clients consolidate existing businesses even as we help them generate newer revenue streams through customer experience journeys that will drive brand loyalty.

Mr R. Eswaran, CEO

People Combine Group – Client of Brand Horizon

“I know Asha for almost 5 years now. Working with her was a pleasure as a brand consultant /digital Marketer and she never stop surprising me with her out of the box ideas and innovative strategy. She will be always full of energy, Enthusiastic and Never out of ideas. Keep it up Asha and All the best. E.R”

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