11. Ritesh Arora Co-Founder _ CEO BrowserStack 10 best Corporate Leaders from Mumbai 2022

Solutions that change the world

At BrowserStack, They’re building the testing infrastructure for the world. They are passionate and customer-obsessed about their mission of empowering developers to create amazing experiences. They know They will only grow when Their people grow—so they build teams that are open, transparent, cooperative, and above all helpful. They are far away and their people have the option to work from anywhere—it is their core values ​​that bring them all together and drive everything they do. They are thinkers, movers, innovators, and doers who believe that achieving something is not too big. They strive to deliver great results fast; And as such, they are a lot like you.

It started in 2011 when Ritesh Arora and Nakul Agarwal set out to launch a website for their tech consulting business. Nakul built the website but things got out of hand when Ritesh had to test it. It was a tedious process and it was slowing them down as usual. They decided to take a quick look at the market to better understand the problem and discovered they weren’t alone. The conflict with cross-compatibility testing was universal. This realization gave rise to BrowserStack.

Their values

  • Solving Real Problems
  • Be Open And Respectful
  • Build Trust And Collaborate
  • Believe In Simple
  • Customer Passion
  • Speed Matters
  • Detailed Analysis
  • Make Logical And Analytical Decisions

Their Products

Their local testing feature lets you test your development and staging environments on BrowserStack mobile devices, without the hassle of configuration required for your devices. Local Testing creates a highly secure connection to BrowserStack, allowing you to test sites behind a firewall and proxy, or on an internal setup.

Their goal is to make Nightwatch.js faster, stronger, and more enjoyable to use. In addition, they will actively engage with the community for feedback and new ideas. In November 2021, they announced the release of Nightwatch v2 into beta with the help of the first-ever Nightwatch user survey. Some of the new features in v2 include support for the WebDriver Actions API, a new integrated test runner for CucumberJS, and support for the Chrome DevTools protocol.

To ensure that the development of the Nightwatch project is fair, open, and inclusive, a technical committee will be formed consisting of open-source and DevOps leaders. The committee will work to navigate the future of the project by controlling the roadmap and defining a long-term vision. They at BrowserStack are honored to be a part of Nightwatch’s journey and are excited about the next chapter!


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