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6.Amankhan Pathan, CEO- BUBBLE BYTE VENTURES PRIVATE LIMITED -Top 10 Promising Startups in Education Technology 2022

Bubble Byte is an Incorporated Ed-tech start-up founded in March 2019 aiming to deliver quality content for skill development and to empower youth with powers of the Future. Bubble Byte in the back took the initiative to revolutionize the teaching-learning method and introduced a Hardware Fundamentals workshop, where learners were benefited from hands-on experience over the Computer system and basic operation over it to Secondary school students. And further to meet institutional needs introduced “How to Design Amazing Graphics with PowerPoint”, a specially designed course for professional designing that to over entry-level software tool.

After opting for this course/workshop one would not get any hindrance for preparing a PPT and designing graphics using the same. How to design amazing Graphics with PowerPoint Create, Organize, and enhance the content within Slide to make it appear like a professional using drafted Graphics Principles. Effective use of Fonts shapes and Default Tools to enhance the designing aspect of your content. Though Designing requires high graphic dedicated software one can do the same with MS PowerPoint ones one had undergone Bubble Byte’s Graphics with PowerPoint Workshop.

They have trained more than 2000 students Bubble Byte Team has been running operations for the last 3 years and has managed to train over 2000+ students to achieve an excellent skill set on an affordable budget. Its students work on real-time case studies and implementation of the skills learned through digital marketing theories. They have trained in PowerPoint, hardware, programming, digital marketing, and much more.

Why choose Bubble Byte?

  • LIVE Training: Learn from young professionals and industry leaders who will guide you every step of the way.
  • Jobs & Internships: Crack different jobs and internship roles with their esteemed Job & Internship Partners.
  • Certifications & LoR: Get LoRs from your mentors and industry-ratified certifications to show off your new skill set.
  • Recognized Projects: Get hands-on experience by working on real-time projects through the duration of an online course.
  • Lifetime Access: Get lifetime access to corporate like experience, mentoring, internships, job offers, and more.

Bubble Byte India is up with skill development workshops. Graphics with PowerPoint here using very entry-level software designing and presenting concepts are delivered. Hardware fundamentals here almost all things related to your Computer system are taught ensuring comfortable handling of it in the future. An initiative was taken to demonstrate independent thinking, professionalism, and function effectively in team-orientated and open-ended activities to adapt rapidly changing technologies through continuous learning leading to self-improvement.

Their mission is to Empower learners towards growth by providing interactive and easy to access resources and techniques with the help of emerging technologies. Introduce essential and trending skill development programs across the domain for the betterment of the learners.

Website- https://bubblebyte.in/

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