Who they are?

Bueno is an Indian coffee brand that is the freshest, creamiest, frothiest, and most delicious. Calling oneself a coffee brand is an understatement because they cover all aspects of the industry, from operating a profitable coffee shop chain to providing excellent coffee products, delectable meals to accompany a delicious cup of coffee, and much more. They are a three-year-old company with no history behind them, and they are continually striving to deliver you the best coffee experiences possible.

They take pleasure in the fact that they do not cut corners when it comes to the quality of their products. Their product line comprises a wide range of blends with various levels of roasting and bean selections, as well as regional and international favorites that are sought after by coffee enthusiasts. Their primary purpose is to bring a big smile to the faces of our coffee aficionados.

Their brands

Bueno Beanzz Premium

Bueno Beanzz is a premium coffee bean brand that will change the way people think about coffee in India. These coffee beans are freshly roasted on company-owned coffee plantations in South India, and they are blended with beans from throughout the world to get the wonderful flavor that their consumers love. They also have partner plantations that supply them with the beans they desire regularly. They are perfectionists, therefore each bean is meticulously checked before being packed. Every coffee bean has a distinct and energizing flavor, demonstrating their strict quality control. A fine coffee bean is hard to come by. They look for beans with the proper balance of flavor, aroma, and that enigmatic coffee note that only an expert’s nose can detect.

Bueno Collfee Classic Cold Coffee

For those on the run, Beuno Colffee is a typical cold coffee brew. Colffee is designed for discerning people who live in a world of deadlines and deliverables daily. It will provide a much-needed boost of energy while also adding a touch of glitz to your delightful pallet. It has no preservatives and an all-natural flavor that will satisfy your inner coffeephile. It is made with 100 percent organic milk and specifically selected arabica coffee beans.

Swamy Muddam, Founder

Under the direction of Swamy Muddam, a self-proclaimed coffee enthusiast, the company has grown into a dynamic enterprise with many subsidiaries specializing in various food and beverage categories. He’s also a speed junkie, a world traveler, and an artistic person who’s always up for a creative outlet at the drop of a hat.

He has made significant contributions to the brand because he manages all of the company’s branding, advertising, and marketing responsibilities.

Why should you associate with Bueno?

Bueno is a breath of fresh air in the Indian F&B business, free of the baggage of history. This also implies that compared to other luxury coffee shop brands, the costs of starting a franchise are quite inexpensive. Bueno also offers International Standard Sales Training, Business Planning and Operations Support, Supply Chain Management/Inventory Support, Branding/Advertising Support, and the chance to establish oneself in the Indian F&B market.

Pre-requisites for associating with Bueno franchise

 A great site with a 20X45 (ground floor) business front.

 Enough financial clout to sustain an operation for 8 months.

 A great deal of zeal.

Established 2015
Industry Food & Beverages
Ownership Privately Owned
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