Building a Stratup Culture

12. Building a Stratup Culture 10 Best Innovative Startups in India 2022

Building a Startup Culture

Startup culture refers to sharing of values and thoughts that decide how people work. It differs from corporate culture. It is a new type of work environment that arise to overcome the barriers to growth. It signifies the particular personalities of the team member. The best startup culture is one that considers the value of people, employees and customers first. Open communication, free lowing creativity, and, yes, perks like wellness stipends, flexible work hours, and child care services are all examples of this approach. A healthy environment impacts the work and also affects the life of the person. If the work culture is friendly, definitely it will return more in terms of work inputs. The CEO or founder of the company is responsible for building a startup culture.

Need for startup culture

You should be familiar with the startup culture if you intend to turn your idea into a business. Work culture directly affects the productivity of the business. If the startup culture is not planned before business development, it can result in a variety of issues such as selecting incompetent candidates, a lack of credibility, and a hostile work atmosphere. To overcome these challenges, business owners should consider how their employees should be evaluated.

Startup culture may lead to:

  • Connect with the people that can introduce new values/ideas that may aid in the expansion of the firm.
  • Preserve mankind – This can be accomplished through sharing workload, giving respect to an employee and caring for employees and customers.
  • A fearless climate that promotes work efficiency and it leads to the overall growth of the company.

How to build startup culture?

Setting a startup culture in addition to establishing a goal and strategy is a beneficial factor in growing and maintaining a business in the market. The following are the essential phases in setting a startup culture.

Establish your essential values

The values must be one-of-a-kind. Spend some time defining your basic principles. Your objective, ethics, employee behavior, and customer service are all variables to consider while establishing the company’s core principles.

Follow the core value

The core value should implement from the start. All operations in the company should be functional as per the core values designed by the leader or owner of the company. It is the job of HR to monitor the work environment as per values. An employee must maintain the core values of the company.

Start with inclusiveness

When running a business, it is critical to have an inclusive mindset. Diversification is a way for long-term viability. As a business owner, you must consider various factors such as business development, competition work strategy, current market requirements, and staff perspectives.

Continuous monitoring of the culture

Regular assessment of the culture is good practice to sustain. When a new member visits your company may be new to your core values and that person may have different values. So it is your job to monitor the values continuously and do the corrections as per need.  

Be conscious of building your company’s startup culture

The thoughtfulness, kindness and consistent approach to making the company culture, makes the difference. Remember the culture integrates the core value. Expand your business with continuous working on company culture.

Features of Startup Culture

The key features of the Startup Culture are as follows:

  • Passion
  • Personality
  • Agility
  • Authenticity


Building a startup culture is a crucial parameter of any business. A remarkeble startup culture should instill a sense of pride in one’s work, allow information and knowledge to flow freely, and foster respect for each individual’s identity and work style. To grow and expand your business, you must have a startup culture at your company.

– Varada Ukidave

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