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5. Sneha Vakta, Founder- Buttercup Advertising Studio- 10 Most Powerful Leaders of Successful Companies to Follow in 2022

Buttercup Advertising Studio is a Brand Consulting Company based in Ahmedabad in the Business State of Gujarat, India. They provide services broadly in 3 Areas- Brand Strategy, Brand Design, and Marketing Communications. They have provided services to our International Clients in the UK, USA, Dubai, Nigeria, etc.

They practice the philosophy at Buttercup that, a Brand Strategy is Extraordinary, a Design is Wow, and an Advertisement is Excellent only when it increases the Profits of their clients. They have sincerely invested in their people and learning work culture, which enables us to meet or exceed the expectations of their clients. They believe in democracy (India is the biggest democracy….) of ideas. In their team, a designer with 25 years of work experience is not shy to learn new techniques from a designer with just 5 years of experience.

Working as Creative professionals, they are passionate about design and travels in the UK, Dubai, Thailand, Mauritius, and Singapore have allowed them to get inspired by the international standards of Design concepts. It’s a delight to them that consumers are becoming aspirational and just price consciousness is not the Minimum Common Denominator anymore. This has given scope for regional, national, and international brands to offer innovative Value Propositions to different

They are living in very exciting times where Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Instagram have been the biggest disruptors, which they utilize actively to elevate the business growth of their clients. They insist with all their clients that they must maintain a 12-month Marketing calendar and follow it diligently, which helps us track the effectiveness of the campaigns and the Return on Investments.

Why did you choose them?

They’re in House Committed Team, consisting of Senior and Junior Designers, Copywriter, Animator, Visualizer, and Brand Planner, led by our Creative Director provide you the Complete Brand Solutions.

  • On-Time: They take the time to fully understand your business and objectives.
  • Listen: At buttercup, they listen to customers’ suggestions for new features and spend countless hours so that you can expand.
  • Guidelines: They also provide their clients with proper guidelines of work and perfect implementation of the services opted for.
  • A Step Ahead: Every firm promises great work, but we go a step ahead and guarantee a better client.
  • Status Update: Quick responsive time, regular project status updates and they are there when you need them most.
  • Their Team: Their team represents some of the best talents in the industry

What do they do?

Based on your Long term/ Medium term/ Short term requirements and budget, they tailor-make, customize and bundle their different services for you. If you’re looking for an expert team who can suggest you best solution to your requirement then working with their team would be a good start.

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