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Software solutions that make your complex work easy

Caprus IT is a well-known and trusted brand in the international software industry. It’s more than a decade of operations, they have successfully assisted many small and medium scale businesses to improve their operational efficiency with their innovative and results-driven software products. Caprus, IT has established itself as a global leader in software solutions and integration services. They design, develop, integrate and maintain efficient software systems that serve as the primary business applications for enterprises, and solve their most complex and troubling everyday problems with utmost ease and efficiency.

With the aim of not only designing and developing but also integrating and maintaining customized yet scalable software solutions that solve the most critical business problems of modern age organizations and thriving enterprises. Today, in just a decade of their operations, they have become a global leader in software development and integration management services. They are proud to offer their services not only to established businesses but also to start-up communities.

All business applications that they deliver to their customers are carefully designed to ensure that they remain useful for years to come. These are intelligently developed using the latest versions of Blooming technologies and installed through advanced deployment techniques.

Their Solution

  • Unified Communications: CapV is a next-generation on-demand video calling platform that works on any operating system without the need for any modifications and anyone with access to the browser can access all its features and functionality.
  • Banking & Finance: BaaS is an application that automates the internal audit of banks. It is developed and maintained by them for their customer. They are a technology partner involved in the development, implementation, and support of Finakon.
  • IoT Development from the Experts: By working with their custom IoT development experts, you can revolutionize how technology supports your business operations. Set up a free consultation with their IoT development technicians about your needs. They will take care of the logistics and lead your enterprise on a path of operating more efficiently and earning more revenue than ever before.

Their Services:

  • Custom Application Development: At Caprus IT, they develop custom applications that meet a wide range of dynamic business needs. They ensure that the applications they develop are robust, secure, and scalable at any time. Knowing that software applications for enterprises are not readily available in the market and that software applications need to be customized to meet a wide range of dynamic business needs, Caprus IT is the first to analyze, design, develop, test, and Incorporate a strategic approach. Integration of applications.
  • Application Management Outsourcing: Public and private sector organizations face slow challenges in their quest to keep all of their applications in line with their business strategies. The skilled workforce is in short supply, budgets are building and the pressure on business continues to grow. Caprus IT provides an Application Management Outsourcing (AMO) solution to help customers maintain, operate, and improve their business applications as they strive to achieve high performance.
  • Consulting Services: Consulting Services provides an experienced team of diverse professionals and practitioners to help you think and plan your IT strategy. With direct mentorship based on detailed analysis, the consultancy is designed to enhance and add value to their already comprehensive IT and BPO services while ensuring cost-effectiveness on top of technical excellence.


At Caprus IT, their mission is simple: to deliver guaranteed economic value to their customers by providing their employees with revolutionary solutions and the best environment. They do this by providing technology-driven and passion-driven services that create dramatic and lasting business results. And their guarantee is as simple as that – “It’s not enough for them to be the best”.


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