Carbontree Pharma: Identifying APIs and Developing Drug Intermediates


“Medicine is both a science and an art of probabilities.” Carbontree Pharma is an impressive example of this quote, and here we are with a highly therapeutic interview with outstanding personalities Mr Subir Chakravorty AND Prothom Chakravorty, the founders of Carbontree Pharma.

Would you tell us about Carbontree Pharma PVT LTD (Vision and Mission)?

Carbontree believes in challenging the status quo in everything it does and in every activity it is involved in. We invest a lot of Time, money and efforts in developing disruptive technologies and products, Thereby finding solutions to the problems particularly in Pharmaceutical and Health & Wellness space.

How do you stay on top of changes in the process, changes in thought of industries that you are going to look at more now?

Pharma Industry has been evolving very fast, especially since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic which has created geopolitical stress. The need for newer molecules or compounds which were either not manufactured or produced in minuscule volume in India Suddenly spiked and most of the Indian and global pharma companies are looking at reliable, predictive and competitive supply-chain management.

Our ability to quickly identify such APIs, Drug Intermediates and KSMs and develop them in a very short span of time helps us remain on top of the game. We work in sync with the Demand and need for such solutions.

What inspires you to come up with CARBONTREE PHARMA PVT LTD to identify, develop, manufacture and offers some of the new-age drugs, which are either currently not produced in India and with Minimum production?

India has always been very strong in the pharma space. We are blessed with the best technical capabilities and there’s no doubt about top quality product delivery, together with supporting regulatory documentation. Unfortunately, we have given away this edge to other countries on a platter over the last several decades, just to save some cost and free up our production capacities. This has created a void and dependence on imports, and the global pharma industry in general and India, in particular, started dancing to the tunes of certain foreign suppliers. We are fortunate that the current government has realized this serious problem and initiated several measures and offering incentives to the Industry.

Carbontree typically develops products with complete backward integration; or as much as practically Possible at this stage, since production capacities and product development does not happen overnight. This inspires us to work relentlessly to identify Products of high importance within our limited capabilities and contribute to the best of our ability. And the Indian pharma industry torchbearers and Industry captains are taking the lead in not only attaining self-reliance but Also cater to the needs of the world at large.

Why choose carbontree PHARMA PVT LTD?

Carbontree is a Growing company. We are agile and can swiftly address the needs of our esteemed clients with minimum turn-around time and price competitiveness. Most importantly, our technical ability to develop new products in the shortest possible Time provides us with an edge, which keeps us relevant in the pharma industry.

What are your views on today’s industry scenario? What Is your strategy to reach new industries and new customers?

The next decade is “the” time for the Indian Pharma Industry. It will grow by leaps and bounds and would become the world’s largest manufacturing hub, be it FDFs, APIs, DIs or KSMs. The current crisis has brought along with it the biggest of the opportunities and I am confident that India would be the leader in the pharma, health & Wellness and nutrition sectors.

Carbontree is well Positioned to capitalize on these opportunities with an elaborate business plan And a clear vision for execution.

How will you define a successful business?

In my perspective, there’s nothing called success or failure; these are an integral part of any Business or person. I firmly believe that the Journey is more important than The Destination, as the Goal Post always keep shifting in different phases of Life and business.

How does CARBONTREE PHARMA PVT LTD work on making the industry better? What can be expected from CARBONTREE PHARMA PVT ltd in the upcoming years?

CARBONTREE is coming up with 2 greenfield manufacturing Facilities in the state of Telangana. One of which would be a Fermentation Facility and the other would be for a multipurpose Chemical Synthesis API Facility. We have already developed disruptive technologies which will be manufactured in these production sites. Carbontree would probably be the 1st in the world to launch these products. These shall be a game-changer in the line of products that we intend to manufacture and supply to the world.

Explain the CARBONTREE PHARMA PVT LTD– Founder/ CEO’s journey till date, and how CARBONTREE PHARMA PVT ltd tackled any initial struggles?

Subir Chakravorty, CEO of the company had a very humble beginning, which started his career in the year 1995. Over the last 26 years he has seen several highs and lows, but the journey has been Beautiful. He has been fortunate to experience first-hand the transformation and have been part of the constantly changing pharma industry, both domestically and internationally.

Prothom Chakravorty, Managing Director of the company is the next generation who brings in his fresh new-age ideas, infuses energy and enthusiasm and is well poised to lead the company in the next phase of growth. with MSc in International Business from Leeds University, UK, he brings in a new perspective to the business with clarity of Thoughts and passion to excel.

Year of Founding:2009
Founding Members: Mr Subir Chakravorty, Mr Prothom Chakravorty
Office Locations:Mumbai
Company Strength:21

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