WHAT IS Carrus?

A Cold Chain Logistics startup that focuses on the storage and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines in India and other tropical countries using next-generation refrigeration and logistics solutions.

Carrus Also, a manufacturing firm focused on the development of cost-effective and environmentally-friendly electric vehicles, air taxis, and drones with cutting-edge technology.

Apart from that, we also work on clean energy generation, application development, and blockchain development.

With our secure and sustainable solutions in the form of high-capacity coolers, we hope to make the delivery of the most important vaccine of the twenty-first century more convenient and environmentally friendly.

And provide Cold Chain Logistics, as well as a fleet, storage, and delivery of COVID-19 vaccines to India and other tropical countries.

To accelerate India’s transition to sustainable and secure electric mobility options, as well as to introduce its Air taxis and Drones into the market with solutions created specifically for India.

In addition, the nation will benefit from Application and Blockchain solutions.


Our refrigerators have been designed and developed to be environmentally friendly.

They are industry 4.0 solutions that combine all of the core engineering sectors with a compressor-condenser-based technology to reduce energy consumption while also maintaining physical requirements.

There are LCDs installed to display the physical information.

The advanced notion of cybersecurity and IoT are used to make the product autonomous. They have a long battery life, a unique wheel, and a shock-absorbent system.


We proposed a powerful, secure, and supportable framework to adapt to the various requisites and requirements for high-limit refrigerated systems in order to enable the delivery of the most important immunisation of the twenty-first century easier and more environmentally responsible.

The item is uncommon and the desideratum of great significance, as it is joined by a battery reinforcement framework, an outstanding wheel instrument, and a framework that assists in retaining stun.

The refrigerators, which come in two models, use concepts from applied science and thermodynamics to reduce power use, resulting in a cost-effective solution.

Sameep Tripathi – Founder & CEO

An entrepreneur, innovator, and thinker who is passionate about discovering and experimenting with new and better ways to provide sustainable mobility.

He’d always wanted to do something good for humanity and the country, which is why he founded this company.

He is always ready to make connections and network with others, and his previous leadership experience has now aided him in forming a dependable team for the organisation.

Being surrounded by a crowd of people discussing a job didn’t deter him from doing something spectacular and out of the usual.


The team behind Carrus is made up of meticulously motivated individuals that work as a solitary unit to achieve their goal of a smart and sustainable future.

A continual stream of incipient noetic concepts and consummate critical celebration is guaranteed by the group reflecting variation in each work.

The group is one that develops debates and discussions by accepting that no assessment is non-essential.

The team is made up of experts in sectors like design, mechanics, electronics, avionics, human resources management, and so on.

Industries Logistics and Supply Chain
Company size 51-200 employees
Headquarters Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Type Partnership
Founded 2020
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