3. Ankur Bhageria Founder CEO CashFlo 10 Best Innovative Startups in India 2022

Pioneering multi-funder platform that provides solution to finance entire supply chain

Cashflo is India’s first platform that meets the overall needs of a modern corporate finance function while optimizing its working capital and treasury returns, while also providing better control, lower risk, and improved productivity. With a legacy of 25 years and capital disbursement of over ₹15000 crores, serving over 50+ large corporate organizations and 50,000+ suppliers in over 10 sectors, we understand the unique challenges that Indian business faces on a day-to-day basis. face daily.

Cashflo is the repeat winner of one of the most prestigious Supply Chain Finance Awards in India co-organized by NASSCOM. Cashflo was awarded the Supply Chain Finance Solution of the Year, 2020, for its continued excellence in supply chain finance. Cashflo won the same award in 2019 as well.

Their vendors are usually cash crunched, so this is a much-needed solution for them. They love the ease of using the platform and get access to funding at a rate of their choice. The rapid influx of cashflo’s to the market has ensured that most of their vendors are covered under this program within 2 months. They are looking forward to extending this program to other areas as well.

Why Cashflo?

  • Personalized Rates: The single rate may be too low for some, too high for others. Cashflo’s award-winning intelligent pricing engine maximizes participation in your supplier base while also increasing profits for you.
  • Unmatched funding flexibility: Buyers can deploy as many Treasury funds as they want, whenever they want. Cashflo provides buyers the convenience of using external funds as a backup to Treasury funds and availing of EBITDA benefits.
  • No Need To Talk: No draw-out rate negotiations with suppliers. Suppliers set their lending rate, you set your target rate of return. Cashflo’s AI matches supply and demand for the benefit of all.
  • Automation: All transactions for both buyers and suppliers are handled through the automated CashFlo platform. No manual or offline attempts at email. The result – is an effort-free, error-free process.

What do they do?

  • Dynamic Seller Financing: Raise the bottom line by up to 3% using Treasury surplus or use lenders to pay sellers early without impacting due days.
  • Payment and collection automation: Automated invoicing for payment processes, approval workflows, and reconciliation, freeing up bandwidth to focus on high value-added initiatives.
  • Channel Financing: Provide financing through the entire spectrum of lenders to dealers, distributors, and retailers on a single platform.


Cashflo is on a mission to bridge the ₹20 lakh crore credit divide in the economy, And leading organizations of India are joining us to support this mission and contribute materially to the development of India.


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