CEF Organics: From Manure to Agri-produce at Reasonable Prices


What is CEF?

CEF is a non-profit organization that works in a variety of fields, including green energy, environmental protection, Ayurveda, education and skill development, capacity building, and organic product manufacture and procurement.

CEF has over two decades of experience and a highly motivated and efficient team that is committed to improving the world through green and organic products. CEF Organics is dedicated to the nation and the world by manufacturing, growing, and providing best-in-class 100 percent organic products ranging from manure to agri-produce to its clients and customers at cheap pricing.

Their Mission

Their goal is to make the world a more natural place to live. Their goal is to reduce the use of chemicals in food production and restore the human race’s golden era health and sustainability. They are dedicated to developing sophisticated, yet natural, self-sufficient farming methods that meet the demands of both the planet and the people. They are working to improve the lives of Indian farmers by increasing their income and skill levels, making them more strong and growth-oriented than ever before.

Their Vision

They think that the entire globe will return to its roots and that every grain and food farmed on the planet will be organic and natural. Their goal is to provide the best organic manure to farmers and gardeners all over the world. They have a strong desire for the world to improve soil fertility and yield, not just in terms of quantity but also in terms of nutritional content. Their vision is similar to what a mother has for her baby when she feeds it.

Their vision is comparable to that of any organization that believes in providing the best economic, health, and personal happiness to all of its direct and indirect stakeholders. They strive for the greatest levels of quality, safety, ethics, professionalism, and energy conservation, all while keeping the environment in mind.

Their Core Values

Customer Focus: Their primary focus is on high return value for the cost paid by customers for their products, so they do their best to exceed the customers’ needs and expectations.

Leadership: They strive for excellence and have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to supplying the highest quality organic products. The use of best-in-class and natural raw materials is critical to maintaining the highest level of quality. They use the greatest available technology and procedures to provide the best products to their clients, with simplicity at its core. They collaborate with several scientists both in India and overseas and continue to strengthen their R&D to stay ahead of the competition in giving the best solutions.

Excellence: They value excellence in everything they do, from their employees to their colleagues and vendors, placing a premium on quality over quantity and profit. Before entering to market, they carry out minute details and different accuracy checks to achieve the best standards in their product range.

Responsibility: They believe they are in charge of guiding the country toward a natural, green, clean, and pure India. India has always been a leader and has always led the globe in natural products such as organics, Ayurveda, yoga, and so on. They encourage sustainable development.

Their Products

Their bio-manure, APNA KHAAD, and URBAN FARMER are designed to meet the needs of agriculture, horticulture, and any form of agricultural output. They have guaranteed that their product is completely natural and organic. They’ve enhanced it with natural bio-fertilizers to keep the proper nutrient value so that the roots of the plants and crops have the strength they need, as well as improving the mud quality to supply vital oxygen and hold the water. Their product works as a catalyst, ensuring that crops and vegetables obtain the nutrients they need and flourish to their full potential. It also keeps bacteria and other undesirable elements at bay while reducing the need for pesticides and herbicides. It not only reduces the amount of fertilizer and other inputs needed for the crop and vegetation but also boosts yield. However, for specific usage, we recommend that you examine their product guides as well as their specialists via their hotline, as all land parcels are unique and have been treated differently over time, necessitating a great deal of localization and integration of methodologies.

Why choose them?

Exceptional Quality

They value quality and purity, and all of CEF Organics’ products are lab-tested to ensure that they are 100 percent organic and of the highest quality.

Reasonable Cost

They sell their items to all of their clients at a reasonable price and attempt to provide the highest quality at the lowest possible price.

Support & Quick Delivery

You will receive the product promptly, depending on your region, and you may contact them by email or phone with any product-related concerns.

Headquarters Delhi
Directors Harinder Kaur, Subbiah Paramasivam Ganeshan, Maninder Singh Nayyar
Established 2020
Website: https://cef-organics.com/

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