Cerner: Empowering Clinicians to Know, Manage and Engage with Patients


What is Cerner?

Cerner has spent the last 40 years connecting people and systems all around the world at the confluence of healthcare and information technology. They employ cutting-edge technology to develop solutions that empower communities and individuals to take control of their health. Whether they’re helping a hospital or health system’s clinical, financial, or operational sectors, their tools are built to function now and think about the future.

They assist their clients by surfacing data that allows them to make more educated decisions for better operational management, as well as providing their doctors with the knowledge they need to offer better treatment. Providing them with the tools they need to understand, manage, and interact with the individuals they serve. All to shake up the healthcare sector and change how it is delivered.

They aim to aggressively search for breakthrough ideas that will influence tomorrow’s healthcare. And they think that what they do has a global influence, not simply on healthcare. It is for this reason that, now more than ever, healthcare is too vital to be left unchanged.

Brent Shafer, Chairman & CEO

Brent Shafer focuses on building and strengthening Cerner’s market-oriented business divisions, consumer brand, important strategic alliances, and priority corporate projects as chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer.

Shafer managed a health technology portfolio that includes a broad variety of products and services spanning patient monitoring, imaging, clinical informatics, sleep, and respiratory care, as well as a set of market-leading consumer-oriented brands when he was CEO of Philips North America. Shafer was previously the chief executive officer of Philips’ worldwide Home Healthcare Solutions division. Shafer has a lot of expertise building value-based company concepts from the ground up. In senior leadership roles at Philips, he assisted in the expansion of a complex global company over several years. Other businesses where he has held top executive roles include GE Medical Systems, Hill-Rom, and Hewlett-Packard. Shafer began his work at the Primary Children’s Hospital at Intermountain Healthcare.

Shafer is a member of the Health Management Academy, a group of leaders from the country’s top integrated health systems and the industry’s most creative businesses who are working to influence the future of health care. He is also a member of the Healthcare Leadership Council, which brings together the nation’s healthcare experts to establish policies, strategies, and programs to realize their goal of a system that provides all Americans with affordable, high-quality care.

He graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelor’s degree.

Lights On Network – EHR System Performance

Cerner offers this analytical cloud-based service for free as part of their continued commitment to their clients and the advancement of health care in communities all around the world. No other vendor in the industry offers this level of client-to-client information exchange to enable long-term collaborations.

Without transparency in adoption, performance, security, system infrastructure, and solution usage, it’s difficult to deliver value-driven results. With prescriptive suggestions, Lights On Network® helps you offer a better experience for your providers, enhance the effect of your Cerner solutions, and increase marketplace competitiveness.

Their range of Clinical Solutions

 Ambulatory

 Cardiology

 Clinical Communication & Collaboration

 Community, Critical Access & Specialty Hospital

 Continuum of Care

 Critical Care

 Device Connectivity

 Emergency Medicine

 Health System Operations

 Hospitals & Health Systems

 Imaging

 Laboratory

 Mobility

 Nursing

 Oncology

 Opioid Management

 Pediatrics

 Perioperative

 Pharmacy

 Physician

 Radiology

 Real-Time Health System

Industry Information Technology & Services
Company size 10,001+ employees
Headquarters Kansas City, Missouri
Type Public Company
Founded 1979

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