Challenges for women in corporate world


If you want to make world a better place you need support from every aspect of environment. Women are the one who have the ability to make the things done correctly and neatly in order. We have many leading female individuals in business and corporate world who are a true inspiration for females as well as for males. It’s been years we are having women contribution and sharing the workload in every possible industry and sector; Media, Education, IT industry are few examples of such.

But, there’s still lot to be improved for women in the corporate world. Reports suggest, women in corporate world have been facing multiple issues which are yet to be addressed in serious sense. Let’s try to understand those issues:

Gender Biased Pay

Despite the innovation of ‘equal pay day’ in some countries, women are still faced with real marginalization when it comes to salary payments in most establishments, especially when their earnings are compared with that of their male counterparts. There is an unconscious bias that exists in payment in the corporate world which intentionally attempts to put under the payments of the female gender in organizations.

It is practised in many sectors where male counterparts are paid more than females. It is said that, ‘females have limited working capacity and are less reliable in long-term’. Some also say ‘females are less creative and cannot stay in office for long hours’.

Physic & Appearance Criticism

Often times the physical appearance of women in the corporate world is judged more than that of her male counterparts. In different scenarios it has been observed that: if she does not polished enough (maybe when she’s not wearing makeup) it is assumed that she is unserious about her job and personality. On the other side of the coin: if a young lady pays careful attention to detail about her looks and personality with having a good performance in her job; they say she’s too trying to impress the boss.

Now the question arises, “what should be the ideal medium for them to wear and have a physique”?

Inadequate Support System

We have grown listening to our parents and grandparents about career and responsibilities since childhood. Here, boys are told to take responsibility of their sister and protect them from every possible problem. That’s good teaching, but do they ever say to any elder sister “you are elder one; you have to take care of your younger brother”.

Our society never thought of giving females the opportunity to explore their complete potential previously which results in less confidence at job. Still we have cases where females are not allowed to go for a job before marriage or after marriage. This is not the ideal thinking for any society to prosper.

Balancing Responsibilities

A large number of women are not just entrepreneurs or career people—they have families, spouses, and other responsibilities. Demands from personal and professional commitments can pressure a woman to abandon either her business or family. The family expects her to be a mother and wife, while the business requires her to be the leader and show commitment. It becomes more difficult for those who lack social support because they have to carry the entire burden by themselves. Some women can balance these two spheres of their lives, while others are overwhelmed.


One side asks to be an ideal wife and mother: another side asks to be an example of successful leader. Both expectations are demanded from our society and one who fails in any one of them are judged as incompetent. This mindset needs to change very soon. We are heading towards a prosperous and enriched life where every individual should have the basic human rights.

– by Parag Ahire

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