Change Matrix Educare Private Limited

7.The Team- CHANGEMATRIX EDUCARE PRIVATE LIMITED - Top 10 Promising Startups in Education Technology 2022

ChangeMatrix is an all-women-led Ed Tech digital platform with the sole vision of providing affordable education to students and learners across the globe by providing them with the best mentors from across time zones and without boundaries. They are witnessing a structural shift in the human capital marketplace worldwide. Serious gaps are being observed between elite educational credentials and actual individual competence, thereby challenging the myth that higher education often leads to higher employment and better jobs. The link between spending and learning differs enormously. Great knowledge is not necessarily the same as great skill.

At ChangeMatrix, they aspire to equip people of every age with not only skills that can bring domain knowledge, but also credibility and job opportunity. Significant time and effort are being spent in identifying and designing courses with a single focus on how it will help the user apply in his / her real life. Their goal is to educate people to compete in knowledge-intensive industries. This is how the human capital platform will become more efficient and effective tomorrow. You have got to have the skill to show off your knowledge.

They are a passionate team with a varied academic background in the fields of management, accountancy, engineering, and commerce. The challenges faced by their children from the Indian education sector led them to think of a solution. ChangeMatrix is a culmination of this journey and also an effort to make the process of learning far more affordable, enjoyable, and stress-free.

Their courses:

  • Recorded Sessions
  • Live Sessions

At ChangeMatrix, they aspire to bring change to the lives of millions of people by helping them bridge the skill gap and leading them to Financial Independence. ChangeMatrix is a movement to harness the knowledge of a new emerging set of teachers. Their teaching extends beyond the traditional classroom, beyond academics, and across time zones. ChangeMatrix is providing a platform for students and instructors by utilizing the power of technology making convenient and appropriate education easily accessible.


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