The telecommunication industry

With an increased 5G infrastructure and applications, the telecommunications industry’s market size is expected to rise 89 percent YoY to $4.2 billion. Several systems on the market analyze the likelihood of a client churning. Globally, the telecom industry is currently witnessing a churn rate of nearly 38%. The ongoing flight of clients from one provider to another is fueled by active poaching and advancements in technology and technology adoption. Advanced prediction can aid in the creation of customized offerings that reduce turnover and increase profits. Such advanced prediction solutions are offered by a company called ChrysalisGold.

What do they do?

ChrysalisGold is an AI service provider which encompasses the following:

  • Development of AI productsChrysalisGold’s product development concept is based on the classic hub-and-spoke framework architecture. A strong core that has been expanded into many domains and problem/technology areas, loosely tied for sustainability and development independence while remaining powerful due to the chain of accountability to the core principles.
  • ConsultancyConsultancy is their new engagement strategy with other businesses/startups through sharing of their AI and Machine Learning expertise and knowledge. Consulting engagements are viewed as a method for them to acquire exposure to newer and more complicated problems while also enhancing their tools and service offerings with the knowledge gained.
  • IncubationChrysalisGold assists entrepreneurs in converting a use-case/idea into a commercial solution as part of its mission to promote AI and Machine Learning adoption.

Their vision

Their vision is to democratize artificial intelligence. In the market, there is a lot of FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) concerning AI and Machine Learning. The numerous tool options aren’t helping matters either. Product developers include these technologies into their product jargon, sometimes forcibly, to appear modern. Access to a plethora of MOOCs has resulted in a surge in the number of job candidates for data science roles, adding to the fear of AI among businesses. ChrysalisGold’s goal is to carve a way through the haze and assist businesses in entering this space with confidence and joining the inexorable march of IR4.0.

Their exceptional services

  1. Prediction of ChurnCustomer churn is also known as customer attrition or customer turnover. In the telecom business, it is a well-known issue. Because companies know that maintaining a current customer is considerably easier than obtaining a new one, service providers go to considerable measures to minimize or at least limit voluntary churn. Consumers in the telecommunications business are frequently enticed to transfer to the first provider offering to pay them out of their current contract or provide a free upgrade. As a result, the vertical has a high rate of turnover.SWAN, or Sparse Weighted Auto-encoder, is an innovative solution to the problem. One of SWAN’s primary differentiators is its use of multi-dimensional modeling based on mobile app usage rather than standard voice call consumption indicators to anticipate when consumers may churn. With this method, ChrysalisGold has demonstrated churn forecasts with an accuracy of 85 percent.
  2. WIREMany famous online platforms provide recommendation services to help customers navigate the vast quantity and variety of product and service offerings. The platform governs the relationship between the market’s two parties, namely customers and suppliers, by delivering this service. Most commercial recommender systems, on the other hand, are customer-centric and adapt results to particular customers’ tastes using advanced AI technologies.According to market research, customer-centric designs are increasingly resulting in an unequal allocation of exposure across suppliers, lowering supplier involvement in the platform.The ChrysalisGold ASPEN platform’s innovative WIRE framework combines modern AI technology with economic mechanism design concepts to provide a recommendation service that strikes a balance between fair exposure distribution among suppliers and consumer delight.
  3. PREEMPTAdverse conditions may have to be inferred from real-time data acquired from multiple surfaces and downhole sensors in oil and gas drilling, and the commencement of any aberrant occurrence must be forecast well in advance to avoid serious equipment damage. However, noisy sensor readings and intricate correlations among observed drilling parameters including torque, RPM, weight-on-bit, hook load, and mudflow makes inference a difficult and incorrect operation.ChrysalisGold’s proprietary PREEMPT system begins by denoising measurement data and then feeds the denoised signal or its compact representation to relevant AI and ML algorithms to better understand the connections between different parameters. An intuitive ensemble method to prediction is deeply established in the framework for greater confidence in the prediction of such infrequent events.

Applications of ChrysalisGold’s services

  1. Oil & GasFor one of their customers SigmaStream, a Houston-based corporation, ChrysalisGold is handling a variety of well-known difficulties in the drilling and production domains of Oil & Gas. One of the most important is the real-time detection of the rig’s operational conditions. SigmaStream’s automation technique is based on extracting insights from high-density data in real-time using multivariate time-series classification and translating those insights into operational states or “Operational Events.”With a few adjustments, a supervised learning strategy based on Random Forest multivariate time-series categorization produced an incredibly accurate model for usage with real-time streaming data.
  2. TelecomSentiment Analysis: The algorithms built by ChrysalisGold discern the feelings expressed by customers regarding their product and/or service experiences using data acquired from social networks.Smart Ticketing: ChrysalisGold provides operators with Digital e-Support, allowing them to be more responsive to consumers and resolve incidents faster. The AI algorithms developed by ChrysalisGold group issues based on text mining and interpretation greatly speed up issue solving. The ability to get automatic recommendations while interacting with consumers improves the customer experience significantly.

The following are some of the technology’s primary value propositions:

  • Increase in the Number of First Contacts
  • Measurement of End-user satisfaction.
  • Reduction of Average incident resolution time
  • Reduction in the average cost of resolution per event
  • Recommendations for continual learning and improvement are made.

Hari Koduru, CEO

Mr. Koduru is the President and CEO of SigmaStream, an Oil&Gas software services firm. He is also one of ChrysalisGold’s founders. Mr. Koduru is also a co-founder of ImersionGIS, a pureplay GIS company focused on the land records market in the United States. Mr. Koduru’s knowledge includes the drilling industry, the field of GIS, hospitality, and fleet scheduling, to mention a few, with over 30 years of experience in software and product development.

Before founding SigmaStream, Mr. Koduru worked at Energistics as a Senior Technical Advisor, where he was instrumental in the development of the Energistics Transfer Protocol (ETP), which is now an industry standard adopted by the Open Subsurface Data Universe (OSDU) and several organizations in the Oil&Gas industry.

He is based in Houston, Texas, and has a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from Clemson University in South Carolina.

Industry Information Technology & Services
Company size 11-50 employees
Type Privately Held
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