“Re-invention is key to success”

Tell us your company’s vision

Cinemon has always been that reliable creative partner who would go many extra miles to help give life and form to one’s vision. We aim to create interesting and engaging solutions to the communication requirements of brands, entertainers, and creators keeping in mind the currents of feelings and moods in the given time. These solutions range from audio-visual products like film, video, music to virtual influencers and multi-media formats powered by AI.

How do you stay relevant in the changing demands of the society?

Our way of functioning has always been working towards models that anticipate the audience environment and business growth curve for at least the next 3-5 years. We constantly ask questions and strive to improve and evolve our existing work.

We are always inspired by the competition and find ways to create value in collaborating rather than being in a race with them. For our media and advertising industry, we say “Attention is Diamond”.

Their Inspiration for Cinemon

I am an avid consumer of content. But I always felt that the current content in India didn’t speak to the contemporary youth. There are a lot of undertones that are left untouched. For the whole Cinemon team, a story need not be told linearly.

A story can be told even with a combination of gifs, FB posts, Insta stories, memes, and videos. We always felt there is great potential in multi-media story-telling. I wanted to be able to experiment in these lines and create products and workflows for other creators like me who would work with these formats on a commercial level. That’s how Cinemon was formed in 2018.

Why choose CINEMON?

I believe in not just the meaning of a word, but also the context of a word wherein people relate with the sound of a word when they hear it. The logo has an eye in the E of Cinemon, which represents the futuristic vision made in a cartoonish way representing our quirk.

There is a ring to the word “Cinemon” although the first context is the spice. Now when you write Cinemon, the curves of the alphabets and spacing make you feel comfortable and at ease visually. That reflects our work culture too. We believe in working with ease of mind, under even the highest of pressures. Team spirit doesn’t just come from a leader commanding our team but creating a vibe where we can function in our best form, happily and where we are excited to work. That’s exactly what CINEMON entails.

Their Strategy in the wake of changing industrial demands

Advertising and entertainment are not separate anymore. It’s a content industry, where data is gold and attention is diamond. We feel that the way ahead is to advise brands on campaigns and content that build a long-term relationship with the audience.

It’s not merely about grabbing the eyeballs, but helping you develop a craving and addiction for it.

Disney was a huge inspiration for this. As a company, we have built a very unique relationship with the audience through undying characters. I remember my childhood days; watching Lion King in the theatre; the dad, Mufasa falling to his death, and how I sprang up on my feet in the middle of the theatre crying “Nooooo”. The audience just turned to look at me as I was so invested in the character.

This is the impact CINEMON as storytellers can have with characters, especially with the help of social media and long format (series) together, allowing us real-time to build the audience-character relationship. Virtual characters are a HUGE game-changer in how they make their stories. AI is actively changing the way we make films too. As Cinemon, we are working on making a large part of their workflow automated for bulk product videos.

Srija Barua, Founder & Creator

For me, the initial challenge was in creating credibility as a newcomer and knowing when to be futuristic. But I was blessed with beautiful business relationships. People started liking my ideas and approaches and my ability to give communication solutions at smart costs.

I am a self-taught entrepreneur, so all my lessons are from within and from original experiences. And the unique yet human experiences have enabled me to create my USP today.

Team CINEMON doesn’t just ideate but brings life to ideas no matter how crazy or challenging they are. Last Lockdown 2020, when everyone in the world was trapped at home, we made a music video bringing 60 people, who are not actors, together with from different parts of India and abroad. It didn’t just increase sales for the brand during the lockdown but as a piece of content garnered 17 million hits and allowed other agencies to also cash in on the campaign we created to date (making it more than a year).

We strive to create opportunities and business for our clients and associated people first. That’s OUR USP; that’s our value addition.

I believe that true power lies in knowing deeply, that we are not different from others – just different expressions of the force we call life. Being creatively indispensable for people and maintaining authentic relationships with both ends of the business (clients, investors, colleagues, and vendors) will take you a long way. Being able to choose whether you want instant gratification or a long-term journey is an important part of the strengthening process.

My Suggestion to Readers

I ask everyone to follow Happiness and great vibes. Money will automatically flow. I encourage everyone not to reach conclusions when difficult situations arise and to be open to possibilities.

Year of Founding:2018
Funding Information:Self Funded till date
Founding Members:Srija Barua
Office Locations:Andheri West, Mumbai

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