What is Climotion?

Climotion provides a full range of services for the design and implementation of a BaOpt installation, as well as serving as a knowledge hub for advisers, installers, and measurement and control technology firms.

The need for Climotion

Air treatment and ventilation are becoming increasingly important in producing a comfortable working and living environment. Air treatment not only assures comfort, but it also helps to a building’s energy efficiency.

A directed stream is created with traditional air treatment, which then arduously mingles both the supplied air and the current air. High, continual airstreams are required to keep the system running, which is far from comfortable. Temperature inconsistency, filthy air spaces, and – most dreaded by building occupants – a cold draught are all well-known issues. Users complain about the working environment in more than half of all Dutch offices.

The remedy is as straightforward as it is effective. Rather than managing a directed air stream, the BaOpt system manages an undirected stream that flawlessly blends the supplied air with the ambient air. Warmth below the ceiling and cold above the floor are no longer an issue because the entire space is of the same quality and temperature, removing any form of directed air streams and thus eliminating cold drafts


BaOpt control eliminates unfavourable working conditions and can be used on a much larger scale. Museums employ BaOpt to keep their collections in top condition, horticulturists use it to improve vegetable growth conditions, and professional ice skaters use it to get the best ice and faster lap times. The best part about BaOpt is that it saves a lot of energy: we carry less air and make better use of the air we already have, lowering energy consumption by at least 25%.

Methods of BaOpt Installation

Climotion Software can be connected into a building in a variety of ways for a single and double air supply ducts. One of the company’s partners may programme Climotion directly on a PLC in circumstances where PLC-based solutions (Programmable Logic Controllers) are desired. The partner provides programming, commissioning, monitoring, and optimization services in addition to the Climotion software.

Their systematic approach

All members of the company unanimously function by embracing three dimensions:

A) Advice

The Climotion system allows for a more versatile installation layout. A consultant or designing installer’s specific skill is required for maximum results. They also provide the option of having certain components of a design examined as an add-on to their designer training programme. This comprises grid selection, measurement equipment placement determination, and determining the appropriate supply air temperature.

B) Audit

Complex technology combinations are used in today’s architectural installations. They can add a lot of comfort, but they don’t always work the way a client wants them to. Climotion allows such clients to quickly and effectively address any comfort difficulties caused by humidity, draughts, or temperature changes between rooms. However, a well functional installation is still required. The client may rely on the company’s knowledge when problems develop with current Climotion software installations. Their ‘audit’ entails a thorough examination of their installation as well as potential remedies to any issues that are discovered.

C) Training

Climotion can expertly complete projects from start to completion thanks to their many years of experience. They achieve this in a variety of ways, one of which is through providing various training programmes. This includes training consultants and installation company personnel who will oversee a Climotion project or implement the Climotion system.

Kawaljit Singh Broca, Managing Director

With solid contacts with investors ranging from US$ 1 million to US$ 500 million, Kawaljit is a born industrialist. He is a Profit Center Head with experience in start-up and turnaround enterprises, as well as finance with a venture capital firm. He is a Team Leader with International Business Experience motivating team through Total Employee Involvement

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