Codegres (OPC) Private Limited

4. Naveen Hegde Founder CEO Codegres (OPC) Private Limited The 10 Best IT Companies in India 2022 2

Dedicated to serve the small & medium level eneterprises reach the digital revolution

Tell us about your life and career.

Born in a modest middle-class family. I did my schooling at Carmel School and Jain College. I did my undergraduate and master’s from BITS Pilani. 

I have always been interested in new technology. I would dismantle all my toys and reassemble them just to see how they worked. I wanted to be a Scientist, Pilot or Businessman when I grew up in that order. I pursued Science passionately, scored 100/100 in Physics in my 12th and enrolled in MSc Physics at BITS Pilani. But as fate may have it, I grew disillusioned with Advanced Physics as I felt it had little use to humanity. At least, I could not comprehend or contribute to it. 

Then I wanted to be a Pilot. I went to the gym 2 times a day and ran whenever I had the chance. At one time had six-pack abs etc. There were two ways to become a Pilot – either through the Airforce or Self Funding. I could not fund it due to personal financial reasons and Airforce would restrict my sense of Freedom. Hence, that dream also went unpursued. 

By chance encounter, my cousin, who was already a businessman, invited me to a Conference. This ignited my passion again to start something of my own.

How did Codegres come into existence? Which factors contributed to creating Codegres?

I always wanted to create something of my own. I grew up watching 3 Idiots, TVF Pitchers and all those shows. It felt cool. The opportunity arose when my cousin invited me to a BNI(Business Network International) meeting. I saw so many businesses thriving, that I wanted to enrol as a member straight away. Hence, I enrolled and found a Company Secretary and a Chartered Accountant in my chapter who helped me incorporate my company. 

My Cousin was always there guiding me as well. Till this time, I was freelancing and already making money building websites for other people. 

Please elaborate on your services.

Our services include Web and Mobile app development services for small businesses.

If I have to segregate it, it would be:

  • WordPress Websites
  • ECommerce Websites
  • Custom WebApps in MERN Stack
  • React Native Mobile Apps

What strategies do you implement for the smooth functioning of websites you create?

We use JavaScript as the language of our choice and since there have been many open-source efforts in building frameworks like NodeJS and React Native, it is a very tried and tested language. It helps us build robust code. And since we stick to these Frameworks, we build all our Projects hence rack up experience to write bug-free and time tested codes.

How do you see the rising competition in web development?

If we take an example of the industrial revolution, people thought machines would replace humans and opposed the invention of new technology. I feel that as technology advances, technology might replace some manual labour but will definitely make human life easier. It cannot replace Humans as someone is needed to build and control these machines. Similarly, competition might arise, but it only shows there is demand for our services. We can also collaborate instead of competing. This is what I feel.

Who was your first client?

My parents used to attend a Health & Wellness centre to lead a healthy life. It was during the time when Covid19 hit. I knew this would shut down the owner’s business. So I came up with a plan where I built a static page to solve this problem and pitched it to him. He was impressed and was also looking for someone like me for a long time. 

This started a journey of development and the static page went on to become a full-fledged SAAS based User Management System where his customers could log in to attend Zoom meetings and Exercise sessions online. Their validity can get extended based on their subscription which could be extended by a Payment Gateway as well. This gave me enough exposure to start my own company. 

Additional Information:

Year of Founding:2021
Founding Members: Naveen Hegde
Funding information:No outside funding, Bootstrapped
Office Locations: Bangalore
Company Strength: 1-10

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