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8. Vipul Kumar Singh Founder CEO CodeShip Private LimitedThe 10 Best IT Companies in India 2022

Software solutions at affordable rate for every India business

Codeship empowers every business, startup, or individual to improve their business with the power of website and mobile applications. They support the journey by providing best-in-class CRM tools, financial software, and panels to monitor business with ease. Codeship Pvt Ltd is one of the leading Website and Mobile App Development companies in Chennai, Tamil Nadu with branches in Mumbai and Bangalore.

Codeship was formed to provide support to every business person who wants to empower their business and idea with a website and mobile app to facilitate their business. They provide customized website development along with standard products.

Why choose them:

  • Dedicated Team: Codeship provides a set of experienced team members for your projects to complete within the given time frame.
  • Quality Services: Codeship assures best in class quality for any kind of development throughout the lifetime of the website.
  • Unlimited Support: Get end-to-end dedicated support from Codeship experts to resolve any issues or further improve yourwebsite and app.
  • Website: You’ll get a high-quality, responsive and optimized website for your business.
  • Mobile Apps: Reach your customers easily through their wide range of mobile application support and framework.
  • Tools and Support: Develop CRM, ERP, HRM, and any type of customized tools with ease with our experienced full-stack developers.

Their Services:

  1. App Development: The current mobile-first generation is more focused on mobile than any other medium thus an app for your business is the need of the hour.
  • Web development: A website is a gateway to your online presence and an identity for your business. They offer best-in-class websites at an affordable range.
  • CRM and Tools: They offer you the opportunity to integrate existing CRM tools and also create your own, personalized to your needs and business improvement.
  • AMC: Every website, application, or any other tool requires continuous support and development, thus they provide annual maintenance contracts for businesses.
  • Servers and Hosting: They provide dedicated support for purchasing and maintaining servers for your online applications so that you can run 24*7 without any issues.
  • Digital Marketing: They help you togrow your business and reach more customers through digital marketing campaigns through Facebook, Instagram, and AdWords


Codeship provides best-in-class services for website and app development with affordable pricing and punctual delivery times. They provide comprehensive support for customization and server-side support.

They support the improvement of your website with AMC and continuous development strategies to accommodate the needs of the current market.


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