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“Focusing to bring intelligence into Industrial Inspection using proprietary Mathematical and analytical models”

Cogvision Pvt Ltd

About Cogvision

Cogvision‘s AI platform focuses on delivering next-generation AI-based video and vision analytics to our clients by optimising and lowering their infrastructure requirements (total storage, computation, and network bandwidth).

Cogvision’s main focus areas would be to use unique Mathematical and Analytical models to bring intelligence to Industrial Inspection and to provide Safety & Security solutions using superior Facial Recognition AI models.

Cogvision is headquartered in Bangalore and has a strong techno leadership team with experience operating large scale programmes at Infosys, Accenture, Dell, Siemens, PwC, IBM, Thomson Reuters, Honeywell, and Procter & Gamble, as well as launching successful startups.

Cogvision Services:

  • Safety & security

Facial Detection & Recognition System

Cogvision’s AI-platform-powered facial detection and identification (FRS) technology can recognise one dataset against 100,000 faces every second and up to 30 frames per second from the database in real-time. This allows businesses to respond faster by rapidly identifying people who are of interest and making decisions easier!

Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

Analytics for Automated License Plate Recognition (LPR) — Capture and process vehicle licence plates accurately. The features of AI-based Automated Number Plate Recognition are listed below (ANPR) Interest System & Vehicle Module for Search and Identification Detection & Recognition Accuracy Detection & Recognition at Night Vehicle Detection by Color and Logo / Vehicle Alert Generation by Color and Number Plate Vehicle Log Module Specifications in general Analytical Traffic

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

PPE analytics are used to reduce exposure to dangers that cause major industrial injuries and illnesses, as well as for sports and other recreational activities. PPE refers to protective clothing, helmets, goggles, and other garments or equipment that are designed to keep the wearer’s body safe from damage or infection.

People Utilization Time

The ability to track and report the percentage of an employee’s available time that is spent on productive, billable work. The utilisation rate of employees is an important indicator for businesses to monitor. For example, we can track the status of Teller Availability/Unavailability – A Teller counter operator must be present to minimise client wait time and ensure fast cash/cheque transaction handling. A camera must be placed to maximise the number of counters and data clarity of the feed. Advantages: The teller counter person’s occupancy, as well as the customer’s standing to complete the transaction, can be tracked to improve efficiency.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection

Recognizing objects or people moving in prohibited zones An act of intrusion can be detected by the system. In this context, intrusion refers to a user-defined virtual barrier being crossed by an individual.

Social Distance Management

For the new normal way of life, a vision-based social distancing and critical density detection system! We can assist you measure social density in your region of interest (ROI) using Cogvision analytics, and we can provide information on social distancing violation occurrences by adjusting inflow.

Counting & Crowd Management

Analyzes population density, movements, and behaviour based on age and gender in a user-defined zone. For security and facilities management companies, understanding crowd movement and management is crucial! If the crowd density inside a camera view exceeds a specified level, an alert is raised.

Behavioral Analysis

In the area of interest, we can record staff emotion or conduct behavioural analysis. For instance, a teller counter, a branch manager, or any other specific desk. Anger, contempt, disgust, fear, joy, grief, and surprise are all behaviours that can be captured. At work, behavior/code of conduct is extremely crucial to symbolise efficiency and a smooth working process.

Thermal Scanning

We can perform analytics on military-grade EO/IR cameras with detection ranges of up to 2-5 kilometres for individuals and 5-10 kilometres for vehicles. Our vision analytics can be used on moving vehicles and ships to maintain a steady image on target, depending on the pan/tilt and gyro system selected. They come standard with incredible build quality and cutting-edge technology to increase range detection and reduce outside influences such as fog/haze.

  • Industrial Inspection

Industry 4.0

Cogvision’s vision-based “Inspection AI” platform will enable businesses to transition to Intelligent/Smart factories that employ a combination of AI, smart machines, IoT, automation, and cloud computing.

Vision based Poka-yoke

The employment of any automatic mechanism or process that either makes it impossible for an error to occur or makes the error immediately visible once it has occurred is known as mistake proofing/fool proofing, or its Japanese equivalent poka-yoke (pronounced PO-ka yo-KAY). It’s a standard technique for analysing processes.

Cogvision has developed an AI framework that will assist manufacturing organisations achieve zero faults by facilitating poka-yoke in industrial inspection. Furthermore, to lower total production costs associated with delays or repeated operations owing to human errors, which can be successfully handled using Cogvision’s Poka Yoke AI architecture.

Quality Inspection

Cogvision has explicitly built industry specific AI powered vision based programs which are available Out of the Box and can be customizable to the client requirements. Given below are Cogvision’s of the shelf programs that are readily available for implementation.

1. Assembly Inspection

2. Part Inspection

3. Sealant Inspection

4. Gap Inspection

5. Label Inspection

6. Defect Analysis

Cogvision’s Vision based AI

Cogvision’s Vision based AI can be integrated with other existing manufacturing systems/IOT devices to help industries become more intelligent. Example: AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles), Factory workflows, Production Line and Employee/Safety & Security

  • Facial Recognition system( FRS)

Facial Detection & Recognition System

Facial detection and recognition (FRS) technology powered by Cogvision’s AI-platform can identify one dataset against 100,000 faces per second and upto 30 fps from the database in real-time. This allows businesses to accelerate response times by quickly identifying people of interest and facilitate decision making!

Behavioral Analysis

We can capture staff emotion or do behavioral analysis in the region of interest area. Example: Teller Counter, Branch Manager or any specific desk Behavior possible to capture: anger, contempt, disgust, fear, joy, sadness and surprise. Behavior/Code of conduct is very important at workplace to represent the efficiency and smooth working process.

Company NameCogvision Pvt. Ltd.
Founding year2020
HeadquarterBangalore, Karnataka
FounderKumaran Arumugam
IndustryComputer Software

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