Connect2MyDoctor: Virtual Care for Patient Health Management


Their importance

The cost of healthcare is increasing all across the world. According to their lifestyle, today’s consumer expects innovative and fresh healthcare procedures. To make use of these healthcare services, the patient must be physically present at the doctor’s office. Emergency care, on the other hand, may be managed remotely through phone or video in three out of every four in-patient visits to primary care physicians, according to a stud They are creating a modern healthcare experience at Neev Tech Labs, one that is more convenient, impactful, and valuable. Connect2MyDoctor, their telehealth technology, provides a comprehensive virtual platform to complement how people across the world access and experience healthcare.

They’ve been collaborating with multi-specialty hospitals throughout Asia, the Middle East, and Azerbaijan since their inception in 2016. Patients from over 15 countries have used the platform for triage, second opinions, consultations before travel, and follow-up visits. They are headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with offices in Bangalore, India, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

When not to use Connect2MyDoctor?

Connect2MyDoctor should not be utilized if you have a life-threatening medical illness or if you have a major health concern. The following are some examples of conditions for which you should see a doctor or seek emergency care:

• Cancer

• Poisoning

• Broken body part

• Heart Attack

• Severe Burns

• Head Injury

• Continuous Bleeding

• Breathing difficulty

Telehealth in contemporary society

Virtual care not only improves the patient’s health management experience but also makes your life easier and better as a practitioner. The Healthcare Industry is changing and Technology is one of the driving forces behind this transition. Virtual Care is becoming increasingly important as doctors and related professionals, patients, and businesses seek to cut costs and increase value from health care. Virtual care, in addition to providing excellent value, also improves the care management process for providers.

Care at Your Fingertips

Increased Availability

Earn extra money

Hours of Operation

Practice Expansion

Pramod Kutty, CEO & Co-Founder

Pramod is one of Neev Labs’ founders and is in charge of the company’s overarching vision, strategy, and execution. He has over 13 years of digital marketing, strategy, business development, product management, and operations experience. Pramod worked as a Business Manager for Netbiscuits, Omnicom Media Group (OMG), and July Systems, as well as a Product Manager for OnMobile Global, before joining Neev Labs. Pramod handled some of the most well-known telecom operators, media companies, and other international businesses in India, Dubai, and Australia during his corporate career.

Pramod has worked as a New Product Development Manager and a Technology entrepreneur in the past. Pramod was in charge of releasing new products across various channels and geographies. New Product Development, Product Evangelist, Business Development, Team Building, and Cross-Functional Alignment have been his primary skills. Mobile, Internet, and Digital Health are three key areas.

Pramod built a world-class telehealth platform from the bottom up at Connect2MyDoctor, partnering with some of the world’s leading multi-specialty hospitals in APAC and MENA.

Pramod was a Business Manager – Mobility at Omnicom Media Group (NYSE: OMC) Dubai before migrating to Melbourne. He was in charge of launching the business unit, building the practice, recruiting and training the personnel, and leading business development. During his tenure, the business unit went on to build multiple award-winning products for some of the network’s top clients.

Before joining Omnicom, Pramod worked as a Sr. Program Manager at July Systems (now part of Cisco) to help launch the Asia and the Middle East business. He assisted major telecom and media companies in the region in making the transition to mobile. He was in charge of the allotted region’s general business management, marketing, revenue maximization, and relationship management duties. He also played a key part in the debut of the IPL (India’s most popular sports league) on mobile, which won first place in the 2010 Mobile Excellence Awards’ “Mobile International” category. Conde Nast, EA Mobile, and Warner Bros. were among the other contenders. Pramod joined OnMobile as an Account Manager and later moved on to oversee the Data and Messaging business before joining July Systems as one of the first Product Managers.

  • Website:
  • Industry: Health, Wellness & Fitness
  • Company size: 2-10 employees
  • Headquarters: Melbourne, Victoria
  • Type: Privately Held
  • Founded: 2015
Industry Health, Wellness & Fitness
Company size 2-10 employees
Headquarters Melbourne, Victoria
Type Privately Held
Founded 2015

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