“Content marketing isn’t simple anymore. But your sales pitch and pricing will only get you so far!”

About Contensify

Contensify provides high-end content marketing solutions to start-ups, VC firms, agencies and enterprise companies. We create educational, actionable, SEO-friendly content – articles, eBooks, guides, case studies, infographics and more that your customers will love you for!

Go from selling your business to attracting more business with content marketing!

Your customers when all you do is talk about yourself.

Your feature list. Your pricing. How you’re the best they can get!

But they just can’t seem to understand why and how it would add value to them.

Your customers when you make them the hero of your story.

You focus on understanding their problems. You create content that addresses them and helps them see the whole picture.

You generate the “need” to use your product/ service to solve it!


Contensify helps you leverage content to grow your business. Pull-marketing not push! Our content marketing services.

 SEO Consulting

 Content audit + site structure

 Keyword research

 Content pillar strategy

 Editorial planning

 Brand Awareness

 Website copy

 Blog articles

 Thought leadership

 Lead Generation

 eBooks & guides

 Courses

 Landing pages

 Product Marketing

 Brand positioning

 Video scripts

 Knowledgebase articles

 Case studies

 Shopify app store optimization

(if you have an app)

 Expert listing

(if you’re on a marketplace)

 Promotion & Distribution

 Social media copy

 Email copy

 Link building

 Community sharing

 Brainstorming

If you just want to discuss ideas, we’re always up for it!

We also have a closed FB group for it.

Are you “ready” for content marketing?

We’re a bit particular about who we work with. Not snooty, but knowing who we can add value to is important.

We only work with B2B SaaS products, across different industries. Be it ecommerce, marketing or sales, we can tackle it all.

If you throw in AI and machine learning, you’ll see us chugging more caffeine with you!


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