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‘Hard times create strong men’, that’s a valid statement when we talk about some inspirational personalities who were struggling in their life and later came up with their dedication and smart work combined. In this article, we are going to talk about a start-up founder who had been through rough times and failures that made him a true fighter.

Belonging to a middle-class family in India where the father is a government employee who has been transferred many a time makes it difficult for a small kid to cope up with the changing environment and schools. Mr. Kanishk Anand, the Founder of Cosmorian Technologies Pvt Ltd, was one of those kids who struggled a lot during school times as they had to shift from one city to another at a particular time interval. Traveling and migrating to different parts of India made him a good observer that further led to the mind of a leader and creator.

While having an interesting conversation, Mr. Kansihk shared his story with us of how he went through the ideas & some ups and downs in his personal and professional life. Being an average student at school time in studies, he was always interested in extra activities. For further studies, Mr. Kanishk went to Austria, where he was about to complete his graduation, and earn a degree that would have changed his entire life and career.

The Founder’s Life

We all are emotionally attached to our parents and whenever any bad incident happens with them, it disturbs us internally. Since his childhood, Mr. Kanishk was emotionally very attached to his father. He was shattered in 2015 when his father died due to a medical condition. It was then, Mr. Kansihk’s ability to handle and manage the emotional balance and start his career just before completing his graduation which was about to end in two years of span. Being unable to cope up with the loss of his father, he left the college in the same year his father died and came back to India.

He invested his learnings and commenced a small business at the age of just 21, which was a cafe in Goa that did not go well due to certain reasons. Cyclone ockhi that struck the Southern part of India in the year 2017 almost had a severe effect on the coastline of Goa which shattered the tourism industry due to which Mr. Kanishk faced huge loss and had no option than shutting it down. Later he came back to his hometown and started working on other projects.

Company’s Formation

“Aapada ko avsar mein badle” is what our Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a speech to encourage our youth to bounce back after a complete lockdown in the year 2020 that made everyone financially unstable at a certain point. Fresh vegetables and fruits were high in demand, as every individual was opting for a healthy diet that could keep the immune system strong.

In one such situation, Mr. Anand ordered some vegetables and fruits as there were restrictions on going out on road. The order he placed was not as per his requirement that made him realize there was a loophole that could be filled by and the idea of connecting fresh farm produce directly to the end consumer. He worked hard on his idea for a couple of months, and collected some data, and later came up with the idea of establishing a platform for direct sellers and end consumers that was Krops Mart under Cosmorian Technologies LLP.

Hurdles while Commencing

You need a good designer and developer to have a customer/user-friendly website and mobile software application. Mr. Kanishk told us how difficult it was to find a budget-friendly developer who can help them develop mobile software that could fulfill their requirements.

After searching for weeks, he finally got a good developer in a decent amount of budget. It went on a trial run for a couple of months and in October 2021, it was almost ready for the market launch.

The Covid19 Crisis & Opportunities

The market value of online grocery in India reached $ 2.9 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at an average annual growth rate (CAGR) of 37.1% from 2021 to 2028. The market has gained tremendous momentum in recent months at the expense of lifestyle changes. Consumers, growing urbanization, and a generation with technology that prefer to buy products online. As disposable income grows and lifestyles become more crowded, people are increasingly looking for convenient and customizable online grocery shopping platforms instead of local vendors. In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, the preference for online grocery delivery is becoming increasingly evident. According to the social distancing standards, consumers are focused on buying groceries online, which is not only convenient but also safer.

Fresh produce and Staple & Cooking essentials are on the top list of online grocery sales.

The market is expected to grow strongly in the coming years. Initiatives such as offline and online payments have led customers to shop regularly on various online platforms. Consumer confidence in the online platform has grown exponentially due to safety concerns related to the coronavirus and a large chunk of citizens at home. This, in turn, has created several growth areas for the market.

The increasing Internet penetration and the boom in digital payments were other factors that drove the market. The online grocery market in India has been mainly driven by the rising penetration of the internet in the country and digital awareness. With increased access to smartphones and lower data costs, consumers now prefer the multi-channel shopping experience.

Products & Services

The company is currently selling fresh farm vegetables and fruits directly purchased from farmers. The main point is, those are marginal farmers and produce almost organic vegetables that are currently gaining huge demand.

Other than fresh farm produces, Staples & Cereals of a certain quality and standards are being sold on their platform. They have tried & tested their software on a regional basis and have resulted from accuracy in operations. Beverages are on their list but are not initially focused as they have a targeted audience of daily essential food items.

Krops Mart is currently providing their services in the location of Lucknow city in Uttar Pradesh.

Responsibilities are USP

To make sales affordable, one prefers stocking products to keep the prices low and sales high. When we talk about farm produce, fruits and vegetables are perishable and could barely have a shelf life of around a maximum of 36 hours. Stocking such items could generate waste and would be of no use to anyone to consume.

The company follows a system where they decide, how much to stock per day. Generating least waste is also considered an ideal business practice to keep operational expenses low. In that manner, it allows them to maintain a particular standard for their consumers and helps farmers to produce as per requirement.

India is a nation where we see many cows wandering around eating from garbage or sometimes eating plastic. Mr. Kanishk thinks differently, that whatever they are left with the stock at the end of the day, which cannot be sold to the public, is used to feed cows around and keep the waste away from putting it in the dumping ground. He thinks, it is better to feed cows and other street animals than just dumping it on the ground.

One of the most crucial parts of the e-commerce industry is its delivery system. Your delivery vehicles decide whether you have a cost-effective supply chain in line. Krops Mart has kept their vision clear about the service they provide and kept their supply chain carbon-free by having electric delivery vehicles in place. They are not just eco-friendly, but are cost-effective as well. Electric vehicles require less maintenance, and their running cost is almost half that of our regular ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles.

Words for Upcoming Generation

There is no age to start your business. You should have a clear idea of what you exactly want to implement & why? You must have patience and thoughts to serve the public in your initial stage to showcase your will to make lives better than just earning good money to become a millionaire in the short term.

Always try to take advice from a person who knows that field or has any knowledge of that field. Taking advice from someone who has no clue about the industry could lead you nowhere but in a state of self-doubt, and could also demotivate you at times. Be clear about your idea, and make it possible from your will to create a business that can solve a problem in society.

Founder:Mr. Kanishk Anand
Year of Founding:2021
Head Office:Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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