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” Delivering customized turnkey solutions from risk analysis.”

Covert Overt Intelligence Solutions, COVINTS

Tell us about your company (Vision & Mission) and its services

Covert Overt Intelligence Solutions, COVINTS, is an Indian defense company, focused on delivering customized turnkey solutions from risk analysis, defense systems, and equipment to training, tailored to our customers’ most challenging needs. At COVINTS we pride ourselves on our ability to work under critical situations, whilst maintaining superlative standards and delivering optimal solutions.

Vision: Establish an international defense strategic centrum, administering state-of-the-art tactical Technology & Training for operational solutions.

Mission: We thrive on challenges. We build trust and integrity by offering high skilled innovative training and consultancy to our global participants and partners.


COVINTS has partnered with global leading companies and organizations; and has a global team of subject matter experts from Defense, Law & Enforcement Agencies, Crime Science Professionals, Intelligence, Counter-Terrorism, and Policy-Makers to develop cutting edge solutions in the Defense and Homeland Security domain. COVINTS’4 areas of services:

• Equipment

• Research & Consultancy

• Application Based Operational Training (ABOT) & Professional Courses

• Technology

What/who inspired you to start COVINTS? What are the challenges faced during the initial process?

Understanding the gap statement in the areas of the homeland security industry and operational training led me to create COVINTS.

Challenges: Being a start-up in itself is a challenge. Apart from this, there were challenges in the areas of:

• Human Resource-Getting the right candidate for the right job

• Technology Implementation-Using technology for the company and optimization.

• Finalization of Credible and appropriate Product Mix

• Revenue Line Focus

• Financial Forecasting

• Brand Management and Brand Recall

How do you manage to establish & provide defense services?

We have Product and Business units, which are autonomous but integrated at the multi-operational level. The product team is engaged in a continuous process to understand the industry and prepare relevant solutions. Every product is 100% evaluated and designed, keeping in mind the challenges faced by the defense and homeland security industry.

What kind of support did you need when you started COVINTS? How do you manage the contacts and relations with govt. defense organizations of India and other countries?

Startup seed funding and my parents’ belief in me were the two-support needed during its foundation.

We have a dedicated team of business operations resources who manages all domestic and international relationships. The ground teams are responsible for both suspecting and prospecting the right end-users and stakeholders. It helps us reach out to focused clientele and get effective results.

Opinion on the Team Member/Employees/Partners to build a successful venture

The Team shares a very cordial and supporting relationship amongst each other.

Conflict resolution inside the teams often requires a significant amount of emotional intelligence, especially in high-pressure or deadline roles.

Teams should be able to work together as a cohesive whole, meaning that they should know what each is capable of in terms of time, emotional and physical energy, and quality output. Building team trust is a crucial key factor, achieved through successfully executing challenging projects.

We also encourage time spent together outside of the workplace to have stronger bonding between the team-mates. Periodic meetings are held to track the progress and develop solutions to the global standards.

About the Founder

Besides being Founder and CEO of COVINTS, I am a Counter-Terrorism Expert specializing in Islamic Jihad and Cyber Terrorism. I am a professional Criminologist specializing in Counter Transnational Organized Crime & Terrorism. I am also a Cyber Security Consultant working in Ethical Hacking & Cyber Forensics domain. I have operations experience of more than 12 years in Counter-Terrorism, Counterintelligence & Cyber Terrorism, and related areas. I am an alumnus of Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, Israel & Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan National Institute of Criminology & Forensic Science, Central Police Organization, Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi.

I was involved with International Institute for Counter-Terrorism, Israel, working on Modelling of Cyber Terrorism (Terrorism, Transnational Organized Crime & Hacker’s involvement), Financing of Terrorists/Jihadists, and other related issues. I had trained under various units of Indian Government Agencies like the National Crime Record Bureau, Economic Offence Wing, Central Forensic Science Laboratory, and Central Bureau of Investigation. I have worked with Economic Offence Wing, Delhi while doing his specialization work on – Cyber Crime in an organized form I have designed and researched the Security Strategies of Delhi Metro Railway Corporation during his training days. I have gone under training at the Anti-Piracy Wing of the Indian Music Industry to unearth the entire chain of fabrications under the Intellectual Property Right Acts. I have also been an active Speaker/Trainer both at National and International Conferences/Workshops related to the profession.

What are your upcoming plans for COVINTS?

‘Tradecrafting Information into Solutions’ is our motto at COVINTS. In this fast-evolving & dynamic world of security infrastructure, COVINTS aims to be the torchbearer in this industry and solve complex challenges faced by the Governments and relevant stakeholders.

COVINTS’ commitment to establishing an international defense strategic centrum, administering the state-of-the-art tactical training & equipment solutions for enhanced operational capabilities.

To cope with the challenges of tomorrow, COVINTS is always committed to developing innovative ideas to support the policy agendas and operational capabilities of Defense & Homeland Security.


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