Craftech 360: Virtual Innovation for Marketing


What is Craftech 360?

Craftech360 is a two-year-old company established managed by a bright group of people (engineers by profession) that focuses on cutting-edge technology innovations for the events sector and other industries. In addition to their primary services, they also offer IoT, Embedded Technology, RFID, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality, Virtual Events, Content Development, and other comparable market trends.

Which popular brands have they served?

Some of the most well-known brands have been the clients of Craftech such as Renault, Nissan, TVS, Microsoft, Google, Lenovo, Oneplus, SAP, HCCB, HSBC, Swiggy, Etihad Airways, Paypal, Amazon, JK Tyre, Adobe, Accenture, Fidelity, Deloitte, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Fastrack, Titan, TCS, Intuit, and many others.

What’s their forte?

As a new and dedicated marketing agency, their unwavering rule is to make a lasting impression by providing clients with a long-lasting experience. They offer solutions to bridge the gap between a brand and your most treasured clients. Transforming vision into virtual reality has become possible through their offerings even with a mere rudimentary understanding of a company’s needs.

Some exceptional services

 VR Sandbox

This is more like a gaming module whereby guests can try out their dream car in virtual reality on a sand-based track. Guests can build their driving track by shifting sand to create lanes, jumps, and mud pools, among other things, at the setup. The track is then scanned with a depth-sensing camera and generated into a 3D environment, which they may explore with their preferred vehicle using the VR driving simulator on site. Guests can also choose their drive surroundings from a variety of pre-designed options.

 VR Cricket

This is a unique way to provide visitors the opportunity to play cricket in the stadium. A user’s shot can be shown on the screen to their accomplices as well. It requires the user to put on the VR headset and grasp the bat in his hand.

 Touch wall

Touch Wall is a massive inspiration board that allows attendees to examine the whole spectrum of products, ideas, and information in the same way that they would on a smartphone. The only difference is that here they get a user interface far bigger than a laptop or a smartphone. Large volumes of data may be searched, the contents can be reorganized, and templates and versions can be selected.

 Smart table

This provision aims to replace paper with a smart table having a high-definition touch screen display. It contains a multi-touch interface that is well-suited to interactive content to create an outstanding marketing experience. It has an object identification feature that provides information about objects placed on top of the table.


Scanny is the most inventive approach to show off a company’s product. The see-through effect of the sliding display reveals the product’s detailing as well as the information to be communicated. This not only promotes the goods, but it also appeals to your key customer because of how it is exhibited.

Excitement meter

The excitement meter works based on the guest’s level of enthusiasm being recorded. It essentially controls how enthusiastic a guest can be about winning or participating in an interactive activity. To demonstrate their excitement, guests will be required to dance or move. A sensor measures and calculates their level of excitement to generate a numerical result. After exceeding a specified threshold excitement level within 30-60 seconds, the guest will be proclaimed the winner.

 Laser music

Laser Music allows participants to make musical notes simply by moving their hands in the air over a laser beam. The laser beams, which are visible in a dark environment due to a little quantity of smoke, provide visual direction to the user, reducing the difficulty of using a piece of non-contact equipment while also increasing an appealing optical impression. To make pitch alterations, the device uses several sharp distance sensors to track the position of the user’s hand. To acquire the required pitch, the user needs to move his or her hand to various heights. To play the specified note, the laser beam must be shattered.

 Virtual instrument

A virtual instrument is a sound module that is implemented as a piece of software. The instruments’ noises are emitted as people step on them. Vintage keyboards, basses, analog synthesizers, pianos, orchestral instruments, drum machines, and other instruments are all present in this module.

 AR Photobooth

Random 3D props are loaded onto the screen in real-time, and guests can move and interact with them as if they were real items. By lifting their right hand over their heads, guests can cycle through the various props. The Augmented Reality Booth also makes use of cutting-edge technology that allows users to remove and modify the background without the usage of a physical green screen backdrop. When the guest is ready to take a picture, all they have to do is choose between a camera and a video camera.

Pradeep Zille, Co-Founder

Having worked on projects involving project management, client service, execution, and event operations, Pradeep began my career as an administrative assistant and operations manager at BHT Technologies LLP for two years and five months, after which he joined Craftech 360 as an operations executive and is now the Head of Business Development.

Industry Marketing & Advertising
Company size 11-50 employees
Headquarters Bengaluru, Karnataka
Type Partnership
Founded 2018
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