Credence Medicure Corporation: Global Commissionaire and Concierge .

Credence Medicure Corporation is a US-based company that offers global medical commissionaire and concierge services to the healthcare industry and medical tourism via a unique online platform. It has a presence in India.

Credence Medicure Corporation, based in Texas, was founded to become a global commissionaire and concierge service provider for the healthcare business. Credence has created a gateway with full Electronic Medical Record (EMR) features for video conferencing online consultations with patients. The Corporation’s primary aim, in addition to delivering medical consultations in local locations, is to build a global Medical Tourism business using its technology platform.

Their Unique Style of Working

Credence is dedicated to Medical Ethics Principles and high-quality healthcare services in the United States. Credence does not endorse any particular hospital or chain of hospitals, nor does it have any affiliation with any particular physician or surgeon. Their mission is to ensure that the patient is protected by the basic idea of healthcare, which is to enhance health through prevention, correct diagnosis, and healing therapy. Credence makes every effort, to the best of its abilities, to protect the patient from unneeded medical intervention through internal mechanisms. This sets Credence apart from all other medical tourism organizers across the world.

Their Salient Features

The broad range of specialties

Because of Medicure’s global reach, its enlisted doctors can cover a wide range of specializations, providing a one-stop solution for the most sought-after therapies.

Expert Doctors

The stringent screening procedures used by Medicure ensure that the doctors registered on the site are highly qualified and have extensive expertise, ensuring that you receive the finest possible care.

Online Consults & Second Opinions

It takes only a few clicks to acquire a second opinion from another experienced doctor using their fully automated platform.

They provide Medical Tourism

If you want to combine a leisure trip with your treatment, Credence Medicure is the place to go; they’ll take care of the arrangements so you can relax.

They provide Medico-Legal Guidance

If you require any type of medico-legal assistance in connection with your case, their team of professionals is always there to assist you.

High-tech Medical Facilities

Credence Medicure has relationships with some of the world’s most renowned medical facilities, so whatever your needs are, they are always best positioned to meet them.

Why Choose Them?

Observance of the American Medical Association’s Medical Ethics Principles

The American Medical Association’s (AMA) Principles of Medical Ethics are a set of moral guidelines that apply values to clinical practice. Respect for autonomy, non-maleficence, beneficence, and fairness are among these principles. These concepts have been incorporated into Credence’s policy framework and standard operating procedures. They do not endorse any institution or associate themselves with any specific physician or surgeon. Their purpose is to ensure that the patient is protected by these basic medical principles.

Through the use of an online platform, an automated process can be carried out.

Credence’s exclusive web platform was created as an automated mechanism for connecting patients with doctors all around the world without the use of any outside influence or reference. Patients can choose any doctor they choose via the platform. The site contains information on the doctors’ successes as well as the accreditation of their medical facilities, which aids the patient in choosing a physician. Patients communicate one-on-one with doctors using the online capabilities, and doctors have access to their uploaded medical records, allowing them to assess their condition and seek expert medical advice.

Using Telemedicine to Connect Patients and Doctors

Telemedicine, often known as Telehealth, is the concept of providing healthcare over a long distance by connecting doctors and patients who are not physically present with one another. It can be difficult for a person to travel to see a doctor at times. Busy schedules, natural calamities, or situations brought on by communicable diseases like COVID-19 can all contribute to such issues. Such patients can interact online with the portal’s specialized doctors, seek medical advice about their health condition, and transition to an appropriate level of care from the comfort of their own homes, thanks to Credence’s digital platform.

Before going on a medical trip, connect with a doctor one-on-one.

Credence is the first service provider to successfully promote medical tourism using telehealth solutions. Telemedicine for Medical Tourism is a new business model that has yet to be implemented and is referred to as Virtual Medical Tourism. Patients contact one-on-one with doctors using Credence’s unique EMR-capable online portal to get expert assistance. Because the physician has access to all of the patient’s medical records on the portal, informed decisions may be made about the patient’s future treatment and procedures, if necessary.

Assisting the patient in determining the appropriate specialization

With so many medical specializations, many of which overlap, it might be difficult for a patient to choose the right one for his medical condition. Getting clarification on the specialty is a hard endeavor in itself when dealing with a chronic, persistent, and intricate ailment. In the event of a conflict, Credence guides the patient through the process of selecting a specialism for his medical condition after reviewing the patient’s submitted health records. For a medical illness, timely counsel from the correct expertise mitigates the harm and ensures a better prognosis.

Back at home, looking after parents and loved ones

Because of the flood of immigrants, the United States is known as the world’s great melting pot. Families have been torn apart as a result of these migrations, and parents are frequently left alone and lonely in their native countries. Regular health management for these elderly people becomes a nightmare in and of itself, and delayed medical attention can be fatal. Credence has made Geriatric Care a focus area of work to care for parents and loved ones at home. Health parameters of such older persons are frequently evaluated through affiliations with physicians and diagnostic centers, ensuring that medical care needs are provided on time.

Some of the other benefits they offer include:

1. Facilitating funds for Patients from Financial Institutions

2. End to End solution: begins from home and concludes when back home

3. Medical Treatment in the United States

4. Exceptional Financial Transparency

5. Economical Costing for a Quality Centric treatment

6. Foreign Earned Income benefits for Non-US service providers

Dr. Sukhmani Mann, Director – Healthcare

Dr. Sukhmani Mann (Director of Healthcare) is one of the Corporation’s co-founders. She brings to Credence 20 years of work experience from a variety of sectors, including a medical degree and a doctorate in business and hospital management. After beginning her career as a practicing dentist, she moved on to work at corporate hospitals, where she was responsible for patient welfare, general administration, and procurement.

She has the rare ability to work in a business atmosphere day in and day out while also pursuing her academic goals. Her commitment to academics has resulted in the awarding of her doctorate, as well as numerous publications and international presentations in her chosen field of healthcare management.

Industry Hospital & Health Care
Company size 11-50 employees
Headquarters Dallas, Texas
Type Public Company
Founded 2018
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