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Premium office space at affordable pricing with responsible act of women safety in mind

Cube8 is your personal office space. They strongly believe in making the most modern office space available not just for corporate businesses, but especially for small and medium-sized businesses that are at the core of a strong economic ecosystem. They go one step further by providing space for professionals to work with corporate institutions and accomplish their mission. Their first facility, located in Phase 4 of Udyog Vihar, is 33,000 square feet and offers first-class facilities at truly affordable prices with great value for money. They believe that you don’t have to be a big company or giant to provide a workplace that helps you think, act, and grow. Execution is important to any successful business, and a workspace like Cube8 is designed to support that implementation. 

Services they provide:

  • Private cabin: They will provide you with an enclosed, lockable (RFID enabled), private space with the best desks and ergonomic chairs which will make a private cabin your oasis of productivity. Perfect for growing teams with 4-12 professionals. Just close the door and discuss confidential work matters comfortably.
  • Meeting room: If you are going to host a customer meeting, team meetings, and even seminars or workshops, they have a large and well-designed conference room (for 4, 6, 12, and 25 people) with advanced video conferencing facilities and high-speed internet. They even serve drinks at this meeting which are served by a professional hospitality team. You can connect with their helpful forum moderator and turn it into a great event.
  • Hot desk: If you’re cool with a different desk every day, this is for you. Just pick up your laptop, quickly connect to Wi-Fi, and you’re good to go. A new office is all you need to start working on new ideas.
  • Dedicated desk: Do you or your team love your space and do not want to (never) share it with anyone? No problem! They will give you a dedicated desk in the same room that allows you to keep everything going. Store your things on your shelf and use your notice board as you wish.

They have different kinds of membership plans from which you can choose accordingly. Most importantly, at Cube8, women’s safety is taken seriously, and women entrepreneurs are encouraged to visit the workplace, explore the workplace, and even get a free trial day to try out the Cube8 Edge. So, I hope next time you plan a meeting to work on your ideas, don’t forget Cube8 is here to provide you with a professional office space. 


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