Curika: Complete Home Health Care Services


What is Curika?

In these times of social distance, healthcare has grown more difficult to obtain. As a result, the quality of available healthcare services is deteriorating. Curika was created in such a difficult time to ensure that patients receive quality healthcare while adhering to the rules of the time.

Curika’s platform offers a wide range of healthcare services, including scheduling appointments with skilled doctors, nurses, and therapists of all types. The platform also offers a variety of medical equipment that can be purchased or rented based on the needs of the patient. Curika takes a modern approach to healthcare, providing patients with services like diagnostics booking and air ambulance dispatch, ensuring that all medical needs are met on a single platform.

Curika provides comprehensive home health care services and is the ideal platform for making home care accessible, affordable, and accountable according to the needs of patients. They make it easy for patients to find doctors in their area and according to their specialty. Curika is your companion to give you complete home health care services, such as medical equipment for rent or purchase, nursing needs, physiotherapy solutions, booking Air Ambulance, and other health care needs at very inexpensive rates.

Their Mission

They are dedicated to offering cheap and high-quality healthcare services to individuals and their families. They want to establish the best care plan for each patient in a certain amount of time.

Their Vission

They aspire to be the most people-centered and comprehensive healthcare solution provider, providing high-quality and long-term healthcare to everyone. Curika also serves as a link between doctors and their patients.

Their Equipment

They provide the following range of equipment:

1. MS-5000 Mayo Stand

2. MS-6000 Mayo Stand

3. Oxygen Cylinder C

4. Oxygen Cylinder M4

5. Oxygen Cylinder M9

6. Oxygen Cylinder D

7. Oxygen Cylinder M6

8. Oxygen Cylinder E

Anil Nair, CEO

Anil is a results-driven CEO with a track record of reducing processes, improving earnings, and increasing market penetration. As a key to success, a decisive leader promotes operational improvements, market expansion, and a positive corporate culture.

He is an Expert in Business Growth Strategy, New Product/Service Launches in Multiple Indian Territories, and Alliance and Partnership Formation.

He is a Consulting Expertise Across Global Markets

• Sales

• Retail Technologies

• Health Technologies (Provider)

• Client Delivery

• Global Team Setup and Management

• Margin & Profitability Management

He is committed to the development of cutting-edge medical technologies to make healthcare more accessible and efficient. He is certain that following discharge from hospitals, we should focus on addressing healthcare challenges so that we may bring value to our society by making it healthier and more conscious.

Industry Hospital & Health Care
Company size 501-1,000 employees
Headquarters Raipur, Chhattisgarh
Type Privately Held
Founded 2019

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