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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” and in sharing happiness with others you decode your dream which in turn becomes the joy for others, this is what today’s interview is about…

“Pull up a chair. Taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious” with Curryosity so here is the glimpse interview within our serving window

with three amazing personalities – Ms. Nitienaa Rao Mathew, Mr. Pradeep Hulyalkar, and Mr. Abhilash Mathew, Co-Founders of CURRYOSITY.

Would you tell us about CURRYOSITY (Vision and Mission)?

Like many other Kitchens/Restaurants, we started with the objective of being the best in the industry, serving Quality food, Pocket friendly, etc., etc. Our belief has always been to capture all 5 senses with food – Appearance, Texture, Aroma, and Taste. But over course of time for our Pre-Launch Planning, we realized that there is more to a Kitchen than the above-given objectives. And so we accepted these unconventional Objectives.

Knowing your Target Market: One of our strong beliefs is to have our service revolve around understanding our target market, by profiling the targeted demographics, creating a nutritional meal plan which suits their palette, and creating an experiential setup for our concepts that enhances the entire food experience.

Outstanding Patron Experience: In our business, we are just not serving food but we are selling an experience. Each of our Service Staff is trained on multiple elements; the most important is for our customers to feel valued.

Offer Authentic Diverse Menu: We have mastered the art of catering to varied taste buds. Our menu caters to recipes of all kinds be it Local, Adventurous, Inspired, or Fusion. Learning from others’ mistakes, we placed expert chefs for different cuisines which gave us an edge in this ever-evolving industry.

Create a Brand: For us, branding is all about selling the “How” of our restaurant rather than the “what”. The key was to identify what makes our place unique and worthy and how to sustain and keep building on it. Customers own brand perception and to create that perception we worked on each Touchpoint, Customer Use, and Experience, Functionality, Reputation, and Referrals.

How do you stay on top of changes in the process, changes in thought of industries that you are going to look at more now?

Learning, Unlearning, and Re-Learning – It’s an organization-wide strategy that requires the support and engagement of every employee and must be modeled by us Founders. The threat of substitute product is high if it offers a value proposition. Customer wants and healthier options are affecting the trends of our food industry. This is because customer centricity is not synonymous with customer service. It’s not just customer-facing roles that need to become customer-centric; it is every single person in all departments.

We collaborated with Emmerge (Soft Skill Training Academy) for all our Life Skill training, with a bimonthly set model in place. Every month we have Visiting Senior Chefs, auditing the working dynamics of our Kitchen. On-Field Training is given directly by the Founders themselves for 2 months with each new corporate account, by interacting with each customer through billing, service, and support staff.

Also, our alliance with Renowned Sports Nutritionist Silky Mahajan has helped our Team understand the importance of Nutrition to derive a balanced meal with healthy foods. We are focusing on fresh food ingredients with lower sugar and sodium and adding a healthier option to our menu.

Our strategy moving forward is to focus on Innovation, consistency in quality and taste, offering a customized menu, extensive feedback system, regular follow-up, minimum tap processing, energy conservation, waste management, and sustainable packaging.

What inspires you to come up with CURRYOSITY to provide kitchen partners to many corporate?

Exhausted and bored of eating the same meal and struggling to get the right set of food combinations for a gettogether on 31st Dec 2018, three foodies thought of a wicked plan to experiment with food and prepare fusion dishes themselves for a House party of 28 odd members including 9 kids. The dishes turned out to be a huge success, which made us think of venturing into this field professionally (something 2 of them had earlier tried and failed). Jan’19 we got together a plan of panning all micro-markets of Bangalore and understanding customer expectations. Just having a great restaurant and serving great food at competitive prices was not good enough.

Customers are conscious and wanted more, so you need to meet and exceed their expectations, even before they can voice it. It took us 8 months, over 900 field hours, numerous tastings, over 400 R&D Dishes with 6 Teams, panning across cuisines, defining Food Consistency, Customer Satisfaction, and Kitchen Hygiene. Curryosity was born and registered in Sep’19. Curryosity came into existence with a single mindset of defining the word “Innovation” in its true sense.

We launched our Corporate Catering in November with 2 clients and added2 more in December, Catering over 1,000 meals a day. We ventured into snacks,

small bite pop-ups under Pit Stop by Curryosity from November.

List down the measures taken by you to ensure consumer/customers’ safety in the COVID times.

Curryosity is diligently working towards complying with the safety & health standards/guidelines issued by the government of India amidst COVID-19. All employees of Curryosity have shown/show no symptoms of COVID-19, and have been in house isolation for more than 90 days.

Some of the practices we follow:


Temperatures checks of entire staff daily. Anyone with a temperature above 99.1 degrees is sent home and return only post-recovery.


All personnel inside the kitchen premises (excluding chefs) sanitize their hands every 2 hours. Chefs are advised to wash their hands frequently and thoroughly with soap


A complete and thorough scrub-down of chairs, tables, doorknobs, countertops, and sinks is being done in the kitchen every 4 hours. Thus ensuring the cleanliness of any possible touchpoint.


All personnel involved in food preparation are provided with 3 plies face masks and disposable gloves when handling raw and cooked food.


A clean bill of health (i.e. anyone with any illness, or who is not feeling well, will be sent home or to a doctor immediately) and returns only post the quarantine period gets over.


Multiple handwash stations, with sanitizers, have been provided for safe hand hygiene.


All food packed is done via single contact(loading personnel), ensuring personal hygiene every 2 hours.


All serving counters are sanitized before and after use by our team, ensuring personal hygiene in every service block.

What are your views on today’s industry scenario? How do you stay ahead of the competition and attract new customers?

This is a primary index we don’t work on. Instead of being ahead of the competition, we have always focused on outdoing ourselves and being different from our Competition.


Once we get onboarded, for every corporate we design a food calendar, with thematic and concept-driven F&B events every quarter. Curryosity Ideates, Conceptualizes, and Implements a theme for each event. Our events have been a success with all corporates. They instilled faith in us by allowing us to conceptualize and serve for 2000 pax event with an amazing upbeat menu and combating the challenge of serving hot food in an SEZ environment where flammable cooking was prohibited. The event got us huge applause.


We follow a 21-day differential menu cycle. A team of 4 sit on planning this 3-week menu along with renowned Sports Nutritionist Silky Mahajan. Apart from just looking at the bottom line, each meal needs to be Macronutrient Balanced. The more we add vibrant colored fruits and vegetables, the more antioxidants and micronutrients a customer gets in the meal.


Working on the Perceived Value of a dish is an incorrect evaluation process. All Ingredients to a dish are specifically hand-selected by our Head Chefs to date. We use the finest ingredients and never compromise on the final output. Achieving the 1st customer is difficult, but it’s even more difficult to retain the existing customer with a repeat order. A sustenance plan can only be laid out if your dish fulfills all buying criteria of a customer from price, taste, quality.


Not something which adds to our profit center, but yes does a lot to our emotional quotient. Curryosity though still in its nascent stage, has always felt the need of giving back to society. Each time we serve food for Hunger Reliefs, our Chefs and other kitchen staff get engaged as well. This is the culture designed at Curryosity, something we are very proud of.


Our Alliance with Emmerge (Soft Skill Training Academy) makes our service team match steps with the best 5-star service in India. Be it Communication, Etiquettes, Soft Skill Training, or Personality Development. Our team gets an instant connection with the audience.

How will you define a successful business?

The process of Judging a company by its balance sheet/turnover is a dated metric. It’s how one wants to define “A successful business”. During our planning phase, we adopted a triple the bottom-line approach of 3P’s – People, Purpose & Profit, For us a successful business is not only about turnover and valuation, it’s a brand that balances these 3P’s, and thereby brings about a change.

How does CURRYOSITY work on making the industry better?

Working against the Industry norms of adding Tech and Automation to our repertoire, Curryosity believes in adding more hearts and hands to the unit. The term Perfection has been very loosely used at every level; therefore as a unit, we will strive towards being authentic, creative, and sensitive to palates. In Pursuit of Perfection, we understood that it isn’t about getting more done; it’s about what is done. The best dishes are not made with machines but with happy hands. Curryosity is planning to open up another sub-brand/Kitchen which will cater on break shifts, running completely on women’s power. If in the coming years we can replace each machinery with 5 sets of hands, we have contributed towards employment than mere raising the bar.

Where do you see yourselves in the next three years?

Next 3 years – Next 5 years – Next 10 years, we see ourselves doing the same – living our dream venture and creating culinary memories for our customers/guests. Sqft/brick and Mortar gets added, outlets will increase, equipment

will be procured, Employee strength will increase, but we continue to remember the true essence of why Curryosity was formed – to celebrate flavors.

Year of Founding: 2019
Funding Information Bootstrapped
Founding Members Nitienaa Rao Mathew, Pradeep Hulyalkar, Abhilash Mathew
Office Locations Bangalore
Company Strength 20+

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