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Their mission

Cydee Technologies’ mission is to make underdeveloped countries safer so that nobody has to be afraid. They hope to achieve this with their innovative lighting concepts.

What do they do?

The company optimizes illumination according to international standards using its rapid analysis and design technique. Their patented lighting idea can save 30 percent on energy and 40 percent on the money. Their anti-theft solar street light system saves energy with semi-smart features such as auto-switching, dimming, and proximity sensing. They also focus on IoT integration to make cities safer by collecting and analyzing real-time data on-site and tagging the safety percent of each route on maps.

They work on three levels:

A) Analysis of illumination

They conduct a study and analysis of the property to optimize light specifications and placements by lighting regulations

B) Customization and manufacturing of products

They provide aesthetic, automation, and design customization services based on the customer’s budget and needs.

C) Maintenance & installation

To maintain the long-term viability of our lighting system, they adopt best practices.

Their achievements

The company was awarded the Best Energy Efficient Technology in India in INSPIRE 2018 by Hon Minister of Power, Mr. RK Singh. It was supported by the POWERED Accelerator Program by Shell Foundation, DFID – UK Government, Zone Startups, and also received a grant. Cydee was one of the finalists at the Earth Tech Challenge 2020 and a winner of the Urban Livability Challenge, Social Alpha. The company is supported by STPI IoT Open Lab under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and AIC Banasthali Vidyapith.

What makes Cydee unique?

With its unique lighting designs, Cydee Technologies wants to make poor countries safer by optimizing illumination and saving 30% of energy and 40% of the money. IoT Integration collects and analyses real-time data to identify every road’s safety net.

The unique method cuts the number of streetlights needed to illuminate a stretch of road or an area by 40%. This contributes to a 40 percent reduction in the product’s life span or US$4500 saved per kilometer of road lighting over a 5-year lifespan. Energy is saved through an anti-theft solar street light system with semi-smart capabilities such as auto-switching, dimming, and proximity detection.

Monica Jha, Founder

Monika is a social entrepreneur with a passion for invention. She launched her company, Cydee, shortly after graduating from engineering school, intending to make a positive societal impact.

Monika earned her bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronics engineering from Bangalore’s RV College of Engineering. EESL, the Power Ministry of India, WRI, the World Bank, and the Asian Development Bank awarded her startup the ‘Most Energy Efficient Technology’ award. She was also awarded a grant and a pilot project from the Power Ministry of India’s EESL.

Shell Foundation, DFID UK Government, Zone Startups picked her firm as a powerful accelerator, and she received a USD 10,000 award. Her company also obtained a grant and a pilot chance after winning the Social Alpha Urban Livability Challenge.

Her areas of expertise are Strategic Planning, Energy Efficiency, Energy Management, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Energy, Entrepreneurship, Technology Innovation, Lighting, and Solar energy.

Industry Environmental Services
Company size 2-10 employees
Headquarters Bangalore, Karnataka
Type Privately Held
Founded 2017
Sources and references
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