Dandera technologies Private Limited

4. Kshitij Bajaj Founder CEO Dandera technologies Private Limited10 Best Leaders in Automotive Industry 2022

Dandera is the one that excels in manufacturing state-of-the-art Electric Vehicles. With innovation and sophisticated design thinking at the core of their operations, they bring to you India’s most advanced three-wheeler EV-OTUA. By making India’s logistics green efficiently, with the first ‘Made in India’ EV, Dandera pays close attention to consumer needs and is therefore ergonomically humane and cost-efficient.

The word Dandera is inspired by the Egyptian word Dandera, which was used to describe an old Egyptian electric lighting technique. Just as the ancient Egyptians built mighty pyramids through technologies far ahead of their time, they aim here at Dandera to bring vehicles to the subcontinent, which have the sophisticated and advanced technologies that are the need of the hour. And people for that.

Patented battery pack technology DanTech Battery and the result of 2 years of R&D in the Indian environment, the only EV battery designed for Indian climatic conditions, be it summer, rain, or snow. DanTech can take it all.

Why Electric:

EVs are eco-friendly vehicles that all help maintain our planet and not increase our carbon footprint.

  1. Less pollution and more savings: They do not use conventional fuel to run, reducing their running cost compared to the cost of running a vehicle with a combustible engine.
  2. Concerning the Indian market: The government has taken several measures to promote electric vehicles such as-
  3. Direct Subsidy up to INR 80,000 under FAME2
  4. No Registration Fee
  5. 5% GST only
  6. No Road Tax
  7. Various Local State Benefits
  8. A better and brighter future for children: Our commitment to leaving a better world for children is the most important reason to go electric.

With IoT capability, these vehicles are always interconnected, giving you complete control and unrestricted access to your fleet.

  • Track your fleet
  • Remote locking and unlocking
  • Live Performance Monitoring
  • Remote start and stop

Electronic vehicles are also the smart choice for today’s changing and dynamic world, as a new technology, they are at the forefront of the new world.


Dandera was born to meet the growing need for an acute shortage of alternatives to combustible fuel engines. The idea is to develop technologies suitable for commercial vehicles and sustainable for the owner and the world. At the same time, it aims to nurture a healthy and profitable working ecosystem.

Website- https://www.danderaelectric.com/

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