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What constitutes Danish?

Danush provides a wide range of result-driven Information Technology solutions that help clients realize their strategic and business objectives in a timely and cost-effective manner. Their clients benefit from their dedicated professionals’ extensive experience, objectivity, information transfer, and dependability. They are dedicated to the success of their clients and ensure that they have a deep awareness of their objectives, requirements, and technical environment.

Their clientele comes from a variety of industries and rely on them for a variety of IT projects, solutions, and services. Clients want technology to support their operations and be dependable. Many of Danush’s customers benefit from strategic guidance, and he provides superior, long-term solutions that are tailored to your future business demands and existing infrastructure.

Danush’s experts and thought leaders are dedicated to using new technologies and exceptional service to solve your business difficulties. They provide strategic direction and ongoing assistance to some of the fastest-growing businesses, assisting them in becoming more flexible, cost-effective, and competitive by using cutting-edge technology that meets your business objectives.

They collaborate with dozens of partners to provide their clients with excellent service, advanced technical skills, and tried-and-true business solutions. Redhat, Microsoft, Cisco, VMWARE, Autotask, Kaseya, HP, IBM, Aruba, D-Link, Sophos, Soti, Honeywell, GST, Citrix, and others are among their partners.

Their Vision

Their vision is to help organizations around the world succeed.

Their Mission

Danush liberates IT challenges for medium and large organizations worldwide who believe in adopting IT by empowering them through expert IT advisory and management to create an amazed Secured, Integrated, and Proactive IT environment for their exciting business success and growth by demonstrating unconditional care to generate an abundance of wealth to stakeholders, partners, Danush employees, and the custodians.

Why choose Danush?

Danush, a full-service IT consulting and IT outsourcing organization for organizations all over the world has been a pioneer in complete IT outsourcing since 1995. Danush’s staff has more than two decades of expertise and is committed to providing exceptional service to their customers by staying ahead of industry trends and comprehending new technologies that may affect your business. They provide vision, strategy, and skilled implementation skills to help you achieve your immediate and long-term business goals by leveraging technology. With their collaborative and vendor technology approach, they are continually striving for long-term success.

They are Efficient IT Consultants

Danush assists companies in overcoming today’s business technology difficulties. IT Consultants, often known as virtual CIOs, are in high demand because of the increased demand for technological specialists. It’s a huge problem to handle a wide range of technological needs with similar efficiency.

Whether it’s IT Transformation, Technology Implementation, IT Budgeting, Strategic Planning, IT Governance, or Risk Mitigation, Danush has unrivaled and entirely dependable experience. Their virtual CIOs will be in charge of providing you with customized solutions that will elevate your business operations to new heights.

List of IT Consultation Services offered by Danush :

  • Technology Assessment & Auditing
  • IT Transformation Consulting
  • Cloud Adoption Strategy
  • Business Process Automation
  • Vendor Management
  • ERP / CRM Deployment, Optimization
  • HR Resources planning for IT Function
  • Marketing Initiative through Digital Marketing (web/SEO/social media/Adwords
  • Project Management & Control
  • ISO 27001 Consulting
  • MIS Reports consulting & automation
  • RFQ Document creation, Tender Specification document creation
  • IT Policies Definition, Best Practices Listing, (documentation as per the standards required by client)
  • IT Service Management Deployment
  • IT Road Map & IT Budget
  • IT Assets Lifecycle Management (Software Compliance, Asset Management from Procurement to disposal)
  • IT Governance, Risk, Compliance

Naveen Kumar KR, Founder & CEO

He has over 22 years of expertise in his field. He earned a Distinction in his MBA Finance program and has experience in a variety of IT fields. He has the most effective processes and project management abilities. He has ITIL certification and is an expert in IT service management. With a laser-focused career graph, he is a prominent consultant and technical architect.

Industry Information Technology & Services
Company size 11-50 employees
Headquarters Bangalore, Karnataka
TypePrivately Held
Founded 1995
Website: http://www.dhanush.com

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