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“Management solution provider specialised in recommending right personnel for a right job”

Darshini Management Solutions: Management solution provider specialised in recommending right personnel for a right job

About Darshini Management Solutions

Darshini Management Solutions is one of the most reputable names in Bangalore’s placement industry. Darshini Management Solutions are well-known for offering clients with a variety of high-quality placement services at a low cost.

Career consultancy services, housekeeping services, manpower recruiting services, placement consultancy services, and security services are all included in our list of placement industries. We specialise in delivering the best labour to industry, as well as calculating ESI and PF salaries.

Darshini Management Solutions is a group of thorough and conscientious placement industry professionals who play a key role in the company’s placement operations. These experts are also known for completing all of the necessary paperwork and documentation for all of their clients. Our high class placement services have also been utilised by a number of firms and hopefuls in Bangalore.

Darshini Management Solutions is a company situated in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, that has been in the sector since 2015. The organisation has amassed a respectable clientele in the market thanks to the assistance of experienced mentors.

Darshini Management Solutions offer our placement services to different industries like:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Banking   
  • Finance      
  • Engineering
  • Retail   
  • Event Management   
  • Insurance
  • FMCG Telecom/ Technology/ ISP
  • Manufacturing/ Operations
  • Export/ Import IT/ ITES   
  • Medical/ Healthcare         
  • BPO
  • Tour & Travel
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Construction

Darshini Management Solutions Educational Courses

Darshini Management Solutions is a Bangalore-based firm that provides high-quality educational consultants to its clients. Our experts provide complete customer support to help our clients plan and manage their career growth and further education. Our services can be tailored to meet the needs of our professional clients or students. Our services are of high quality and cover a wide range of topics. Our experts are knowledgeable and can help our clients achieve their long-term objectives, interests, and potential. Our services are of the highest quality, and our clients value them much. For optimum customer satisfaction, our corporate philosophy is value-added service at a cost-effective pricing.

Darshini Management Solutions Services

Manpower Recruitment in Bangalore


Are you looking for a staffing recruitment firm? Darshini Management Solutions is here to assist you and save you time and energy when it comes to candidate hiring. Our cutting-edge staffing platform can help you find the top individuals for your organisation and company. Through our unique tech-centric solutions, we aim to develop strong teams by supplying suitable and qualified employees.

We accelerate manpower recruitment by a factor of ten.

Every candidate we hire must go through a rigorous screening procedure and be approved by our experienced hiring team. By participating in our recruitment process, you can cut your hiring time in half. Our personnel recruitment services will deliver effective outcomes and excellent applicants.

Placement Consultant in Bangalore


With our novel placement tactics, Darshini Management Solutions assists in bringing your firm to new heights. From executive search to temporary recruitment, we provide all-encompassing solutions that seek to provide experienced employees for the work. We undertake all the tiresome work of filtering through endless applications and shortlisting the best ones thanks to our experience since 2015.

Bangalore’s First Placement Consultant

Through our ultra-refined recruitment processes, which are focused at selecting only qualified personnel, we address all of the problems and assist you in gaining access to the most outstanding individuals. We are now one of the top companies in the world of placement consultancy, thanks to our passion for recognising and promoting actual potential.

Career Consultant in Bangalore

Do you have no idea what you want to do with your life? Don’t worry, Darshini Management Solutions has your back. We are a Bangalore-based career consultancy organisation that works hard to understand your expectations before making our expert recommendations. We use our all-encompassing examination and evaluation of your skills and weaknesses to help you find the right stream and subject combinations for you.

Bangalore’s Most Reputable Career Consulting

Through continual assistance, coaching, and counselling on job selection, our skilled and expert career coaches help you acquire the best employment chance in life. You can obtain career counselling from us that is tailored to your needs and aspirations. Our step-by-step guide will assist you in making the best career decision possible. Contact us right now if you need professional career advice.

Security Services in Bangalore

Darshini Management Solutions has been providing watertight security services in Bangalore since 2015. Over the years, we’ve earned a reputation as a trustworthy security service organisation dedicated to providing professional security guards throughout the city, whether for retail, business, hospitals, institutions, banks, or residential complexes.

100 percent security at a reasonable cost

Before being assigned to a task, the manned security guards we provide are given several days of training and must pass several health exams. All of our security guards are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of protection and ensuring the safety of your property and loved ones. Contact us right away if you require dependable and effective security services.

Housekeeping Services in Bangalore


Your house is more than just a place to sleep. It’s a haven where you can relax and revitalise while spending valuable time with your family. It’s no surprise that at Darshini Management Solutions, we go above and beyond to provide you with a comprehensive set of housekeeping services; from routine cleaning to periodic maintenance and seasonal cleaning, we handle it all with ease.

Housekeeping Services Preferred Partner

We pledge to be your one-stop shop for all of your repair, maintenance, and cleaning needs. Our adaptable and customised service guarantees that your home will receive a fresh makeover at all times. To meet the growing demands of our consumers, we provide the best and most inexpensive housekeeping service. Call us today to get a quote or learn more about our services.

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