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Tech driven solutions for evey business challenge

Established in 2010 as a pioneer of emerging technologies, Dash Technologies Inc. has provided Growth as a Service (DaaS) for over 10 years. Deliver programming and coding based on a project that combines Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Data Science, and apps, websites, existing products, or future concepts, our agile development methodology and sprint project Management help customers visualize, build and operate more innovative and efficient businesses.

Their processes are verified to an A-level standard. Through established industry-best standards, their experts analyze business processes, recommend solutions, and develop versatile automation models that can boost productivity and improve business operations. They have the distinct honor of being the fastest-growing private company in Columbus, Ohio. Dash is also named the 12th fastest-growing private company in Inc magazine, with a growth of over 775% since 2020. Top 250 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in the Midwest.

Dash is uniquely positioned to provide its customers with innovative and futuristic solutions. Their growth and achievements completely depend on delivering something great. Being a project-led enterprise, they are encouraged to deliver a great product every time. Customer satisfaction is the measure of their success, and with each successful project, they want to inspire their customers to ask us to do more.

Industries They Work with

  1. Healthcare
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Medical devices
  4. Retail
  5. Startup Dash

Their Engagement Models

  • Dedicated Team Model: A dedicated web developer center is popular with clients, as it acts as an extension of the client’s software engineering facility, which is expected to achieve long-term cooperation from onsite/offshore outsourcing.
  • Dual Coast Development: The onsite-offshore model known as the dual-shore model leverages both onsite and offshore services to deliver results at a lower cost to the customers. Dual Coast Development outsources offshore software development and offshore web development projects.
  • Fixed Price Model: The fixed-price model, is more commonly known as the predetermined lump-sum cost model. This model is introduced when the project scope is defined and 100% fixed. The client pays a fixed predetermined cost for the well-defined project scope which is agreed upon through a signed contract.
  • Offshore Development Center: They help you set up a development center at Dash Technologies by choosing a team of full-time, dedicated, and expert developers. The team is assembled according to your needs, acts as an extension of your team, perfectly tailored to your business and growth goals.


They want to be the most trusted technology provider in development as a service (DaaS) business, no matter the technology platform, while bringing positive change to our customers. They know that change can be difficult to navigate, and with ever-evolving technologies, they are determined to be your most trusted technology partner on an ongoing basis. Even as they continue to grow exponentially, they are committed to maintaining the same honesty and genuineness.

Website- https://dashtechinc.com/

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