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10. Pritesh Tiwari Founder _ Lead Data Scientist Data Science Wizards 10 best Corporate Leaders from Mumbai 2022

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DSW is a visionary technology start-up, combining over 70 years of industry experience. Headquartered in Mumbai, India. As experts in augmenting human intelligence with artificial intelligence, they are pushing the limits of what can be done with ethical, data-driven, open-source solutions that are agile, customizable, scalable, and powerful. They impact businesses with predictive, AI-powered thinking through collaboration and partnership. Their data management and engineering consultancy enable clients to use data more effectively to drive results.

They offer solutions that are best suited for business verticals that rely on BFSI, Telecom, Healthcare, and IT solutions. Data Science Wizards brings to you the power of a community that includes data practitioners, thought leaders, and corporates who leverage data to generate value for their businesses. You can learn from resources developed by experts at Data Science Wizards, participate in hackathons, master your skills with the latest data science problems, and you can showcase your skills to the world.

Why Choose Them?

  • Technology Agnostic: Assist in the migration from expensive legacy monoliths to easy-to-use, maintainable and scalable solutions that meet emerging business needs.
  • Domain Expertise: Domain expertise in BFSI and other verticals as a team has decades of experience working on open-source and emerging technologies.
  • Ethical Solution: Optimized solutions designed with the ethic to be cost-effective during the lifecycle of use resulting in customer delight.
  • Flexible Support: 24X7 services based on engagement model and consultancy to maximize return on existing investment.
  • Training / Up-Skilling: Modular training of new employees or upskilling of existing talent can save costs in the digital transformation process.
  • Strong Model: Reliability is built from the start with robust modeling and testing architecture to ensure successful results.

Their Services:

  • Identify AI Use Cases
  • Determine AI ROI Impact
  • Analyze And Assess Data
  • Develop AI Strategies
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Less Code – No Code Application Development

Their Solutions:

Their Products


The insurance industry is poised for change. New age thinking is moving forward Behavior-based insurance, instant price comparison baskets, and agents re-skilled as teachers. Integrated artificial intelligence and data-driven science will be the future in the insurance ecosystem. Technology drivers for prospecting, claims management, underwriting, distribution, and pricing.

As applications of artificial intelligence gain momentum in everyday life, they aim to nurture its ecosystem with data-driven, open-source technology solutions and training that benefit business, customers, communities, and stakeholders. They are building the world of tomorrow. They are accelerating the next wave of change for all.


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