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Data Software Research Co Private Limited

Chairman & Managing Director: Maurice Ryan

What is DSRC?

DSRC is a leading IT Services Provider that provides Information Technology Consulting, Technology Services & Outsourcing Solutions. Data Software Research Company International and its subsidiaries are known as DSRC. All software development and delivery capabilities are centered in Chennai, India, where the business’s flagship company is headquartered. Australia, India, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, and Canada are all important markets for them.

DSRC has a proven track record in providing IT services and was one of the first few early pioneers in establishing the onshore, offsite, and offshore delivery approaches. To client viewpoints and priorities, DSRC provides considerable industry knowledge, a positive attitude, passion, and a unique sense of conscience. This core concept pervades the whole corporate hierarchy and is represented in every employee who contributes to the company’s growth and success. They believe in fostering and deepening connections to ensure that they are long-lasting and successful. As a result, current clients and ongoing support and maintenance agreements provide the majority of their revenue.

Their Objective

As they evolved from a data processing center to an information technology services company, their core business goal has remained the same: to be a helpful partner to their customers.

Their Values

DSRC has always been associated with quality, integrity, and professionalism, and has established the highest business standards in terms of being ethical, trustworthy, and committed. DSRC has established a genuinely outstanding culture and business ecosystem for our customers through strong ethical ideals, excellent conduct, and corporate governance.

Why choose DSRC?

 They are a very successful and innovative company with extensive industry knowledge and a solid reputation and track record.

 DSRC has a proven track record of assisting clients, particularly small and mid-market firms, in achieving their tangible goals of engaging and leveraging offshore-based application development and delivery in a way that complements their business growth and expansion.

 They provide superior technological delivery capabilities, as well as business acumen and project management expertise, to their customers. Clients are from a variety of industries and are scattered across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, EMEA, and the Asia Pacific.

 Not simply a low-cost alternative, but a full-fledged external competence delivering and complementing their in-house software delivery teams is their fundamental strength.

 DSRC provides a successful, stable, and sustainable long-term engagement partnership to many notable global clients, resulting in performance, quality, and cost optimization benefits.

Their Quality Management

The primary and ever-expanding goal of DSRC’s software development practice is quality. They can achieve unrivaled levels of product quality and customer service by aligning their business operations with leading management standards. Their Quality Management System encompasses all operations that have an impact on the service they provide to their clients.

DSRC has well-defined and established processes in place to govern project planning, tracking, and oversight, as well as mature and proven systems in place to manage and ensure that quality is met and exceeded at all stages of the project.

In the design, development, testing, and delivery of software products and services, DSRC makes every attempt to satisfy their quality standards and best practices as defined by their clients.

Their IT Application Services

From concept to execution, DSRC has been effectively assisting its clients in achieving profitable growth by bringing people, processes, and technology together to design and maintain business-critical and complex enterprise applications. To achieve results, they develop, build, and implement integrated business solutions.

The approach to application development used by DSRC aims to reduce time-to-market and improve the productivity of software applications supplied. They do it by saving time and adopting rapid application development techniques, as well as maximizing the usage of automation, open-source, and third-party components.

DevOps approaches are used to provide continuous support throughout the project with continuous upgrades, continuous testing, and continuous deployment for clients who need to outsource product support and maintenance. DSRC has development skills and specialists who have successfully managed quick application delivery using agile methodology and DevOps practices.

IndustryInformation Technology & Services
Company size 201-500 employees
Headquarters Chennai, Tamilnadu
Type Privately Held
Founded 1973

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