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Startup inspired by self-love, appreciated by the public

The Founder’s Journey 

Before De Space, Dev was a part of the corporate world for 13 years, and Akshata for a period of 6 years. While both enjoyed their corporate careers, it was the zeal for doing something on their own that made them begin their entrepreneurial journey. Dev specialized in sales, marketing and operations, while Akshata’s core competence was designing. Together, they were confident that this was a perfect combination for running a business smoothly and profitably.    

De Space Interiors inception story

Akshata, being an architect, designed her own home in 2010. Though designed on a minimal contemporary theme and a shoestring budget, the home interiors still earned a lot of accolades and led to a lot of enquiries. This gave us an idea that residential interiors is picking up in India and can be explored as a startup opportunity.

On conducting some further research, we understood the market is highly unorganized, with local contractors ruling it. Consumers who are unaware of the details often end up spending money on what they were not even aware of. We talked to many homeowners and figured out that they faced issues such as non-transparency, delays, unskilled labour and had wanted to hire someone who would give them a turnkey solution without them being involved in the operational aspects. This showed a clear gap in the market in terms of professionalism and we decided to do our bit in filling up this gap.

The fire inside to create our own designs and the desire to bring them to life in a professional manner drove us to start this company.

How did you manage in the initial stages of inception as we have many players in a structured and unstructured market?

We entered the market with an assumption that high-quality interiors are a gap in the market. We focused a lot on customized designing, catering to the requirements of individual clients. While this was definitely a gap, we soon realized and learnt that it is extremely difficult to get skilled labour in this industry.

Hence, in our early years of inception, we decided not to grow exponentially. Rather, we focused on creating a team that would help us scale while not diluting our principles of high-quality offering. While it might have made our journey slower, it has helped us ensure we built a strong foundation, and it’s that foundation today that has helped us reach where we are today. We strongly feel one is known for the quality of work s/he has done, not the quantity of work.  

Journey to date

In today’s startup world, there is a lot of emphasis on exponential growth. When we started our journey, we were also advised to achieve numbers. But we strongly felt the opposite. The journey that began with an experiment has led us to create a firm that keeps the quality of interior design on high priority.

Therefore, our focus was to deliver the best of a kind design that achieves the client’s desire. Appreciation for the work conducted and satisfaction feedback from clients kept us encouraging. Building a team of creative designers was a challenging task. However, we took the slow & steady lane in order to maintain the rate of excellence.

Regions of presence & Service for

  • Currently, it’s Bangalore, and we have done a few projects in Hyderabad as well. 
  • We focus on residential interiors.

Views on eco-friendly materials

We strongly believe in eco-friendly materials and their sustainability, and strive to explore using them in our works. The market is ever-expanding, and with new vendors entering the market, we hope to increase its usability of the same on a regular basis. 

Covid19 pandemic effect 

The entire country had shutdown initially due to the Pandemic, and our industry was no different

But we utilised this time to stay abreast with the latest products in the market, and also launched our YouTube channel during this time. It helped us reach more audiences, and once the market opened, we were immediately back on track. Today, we are operating at our full capacity with a strong pipeline of projects. 

About the team

An organization cannot become big only by the efforts of its founding team. It requires an extremely strong team of people who believe in the vision of the founders and walk on the same path as theirs. Like any other company, we also faced the challenge of having the right set of people supporting us, and have hand-picked a team that has understood our vision well and has worked very closely with us to achieve it.

Current market performance & plans for further expansion

De Space started with a team of 5 people and now boasts a strength of 75 people today (full time and contract workers), and all of them are busy servicing the clients. We have done a few projects in Hyderabad and would be keen to explore Hyderabad and Chennai as a part of our expansion plans, provided we get the right set of people.

Additional Information:

Year of Founding2010
Founding Members            2
Office Locations1
Company Strength 75 (Full time and contractors)

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