India being second largest populated nation on the globe has number of social issues. Each issue comes with number of challenges and solutions. Some issues are very sensitive in nature one of which is related to women Sexual harassment at the workplace. This is an issue which has been raised in recent times and needs some strong policies to ensure women’s’ dignity and self-respect at any workplace.

Women’s safety is already an issue around the globe. Whether it is the world’s strongest nation USA or a well-developed nation like European states has a high rate of reporting against women’s harassment at multiple levels.

Delta Right Advisors has been empaneled by the Ministry of Women & Child Development as an authorized agency to provide trainings on prevention of Sexual Harassment at the workplace. Womens are highly participating in almost every field of work. They face number of challenges in their life; have struggled to find a spot in the corporate sector as a unique identity. With such challenging environment comes an environment which is a topic to be discussed seriously.

They have course based model to provide training for Anti Sexual Harassment on their teachable portal. The need for such startups is crucial when Indian economy is witnessing huge number of contribution from womens. So as to ensure about their safety, such initiatives will help maintain the pace and tranquility at workplace.

Areas Covered

• Education – from Early Childhood to Secondary Education, School Safety and School WASH.

• Women’s Rights – Legal Literacy, Sexual and Reproductive health, Anti Sexual Harassment at Workplace.

• Corporate Social Responsibility – Planning, monitoring and evaluation, Documentation of CSR initiatives.

• Child Rights – Protection, Survival and Participation.

• Social Development Projects – Development of strategies, Customized tools for understanding of legal frameworks impacting development.

Modules in Portfolio

POSH – Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act: This course is designed for employees in companies, public sector undertakings and nonprofit organizations and explains the provisions of the Act and redress mechanisms.

Maternity Benefit – Maternity Benefits and Setting up Creches: This course is designed for employees and individuals wishing to know more about the Act and how to set up creches, as mandated by the Government of India.

Safety – Personal Safety: This course is designed to support adults, teachers and parents in creating a circle of personal safety for children.

POSCO – Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act: This course is designed to educate people working for child protection to understand the provisions of this Act and mechanisms of reporting.


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