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Dezinefy is a B2B platform that connects freelancers who are experts in 3D visualization in the interior industry, with design studios and independent designers. Freelancers across the country are tested, trained, and on boarded to meet stringent quality standards to ensure that the very best service is given to the customers/ designers.

We stand out on two fronts, blazing-fast renders (24 hours) plus a hassle-free, no contact, and automated process to do the same. What’s more, these services are available at unbelievably competitive prices. This is possible due to reduced overheads and the vast scale at which we operate across the country.

We have also started taking B2C orders, contact us for getting your home visualize in 3D if you are home Owner

About The Founder: Deepmala

She is IIM Kozhikode alum, Deepmala has over a decade’s experience in the interior designing space and is aware of the challenges freelance designers and entrepreneurs in the field face regularly.

In her previous stint as a strategy manager at Livspace, the home interior and renovation platform, she has dealt with over 500 designers in the field execution and operation sector.

Founded in June 2020, Deepmala says, “Dezinefy offers a niche service of 3D visualisation because that is the need of the hour, and designers do not have access to this at an economical rate. This is mandatory for designers to go ahead with closing a deal, and there is no support system for that.”

besides monetising the platform, Deepmala shares a unique goal of empowering women entrepreneurs in the field. She has observed that while most designers are women, the industry is male-dominated as it goes beyond design, execution, project management, among other things.

She says, “Women struggle to rise above designing to other leadership roles. My motive is to support women designers – of course, they are great designers, but they can also do great business if they have the right support.”

Our Mission:

Through Dezinefy, all designers can scale from doing 2 -10 projects month on month.

Freelancers who are experts in the visualization of interiors can at other hand earn remotely working from anywhere by extending their 3D service to these designers.

We are a platform of Designers, by Designers, for Designers!

Dezinefy is here to convert your ideas into 3D

Spend time with your clients while we take care of all your 3D designs. Just submit your client scope, and our freelancers shall get it visualized in 24 hours. If you are a home owner get your ideas visualize with us in few simple steps.

Treating Interior designers as customers for several allied services

It’s no secret that the interior designing field is a female-dominated profession but conversely the interior designing industry is not. As the role of a female designer is typically restricted to designing and not much beyond, we see the rest of the sector to be male-dominated. I am writing this article today to throw some light on crucial facts that need attention in this industry.

So dear female designers- hold strong and take pride in the role our gender plays in this industry.

I see some huge potential untapped there as females are much more than just designers and the industry can benefit much more from them. Especially married women and young moms!!

Well logically speaking, the most productive are those who are super busy. The women, who know to multitask! We all know that when it comes to interiors, clients choose women. As there’s an inherent domestic ability for them to create beautiful, unique structures that also function perfectly within their environment.

The art of balancing stress with flexibility and adaptability is unparalleled in her ability. And this is what exactly makes them a great designer naturally.

Coming to the facts that persist in today’s scenario, you may be a great designer, but upon entering the fierce business arena, you may find yourself lost like the proverbial sheep.

Interiors is clearly much more and beyond designing. Once the drawings are complete and the renderings are built and approved, it takes rigorous planning, tight scheduling, and thick skin to get everything done on time and on budget. And often, this involves working with contractors, builders, and construction workers who don’t treat you with the respect you deserve.

So how do we bridge the gap to ensure that more and more women come forth to participate in the whole business cycle and the industry can benefit from it mutually? Despite a boom, the design industry remains unorganized and lacks the benefits of an industry body and recognition to date.

An interior designer has ideas as to how the design should turn out. They are the ones with experience in managing the whole design process. And that is why clients trust these designers.

But many designers fail or shy away when it comes to taking charge of these 10 crucial steps that constitute a complete business cycle of interior designing.

Sales pitch

Design and mood board finalization

3D and 2D drawings

Cost estimations

Project planning and scheduling

Site validation

Material procurement

Factory and on-site execution

Finance management

QC, site cleaning, and smooth handover

Each and every step of an interior design project is a business in itself and there are professionals trained in those fields. What’s needed is to bring them together, curate, and make them accessible under one umbrella. Also, need to tap this huge business opportunity where the Designer is the customer and consumer of the services.

I am here to throw some light on leveraging this powerful industry and the untapped potential of both, designers and services allied to designers. As it’s a very unexplored sector where every service is aligned to empower the designer and hence help them scale, it’s a huge margin business with scalability.

Several allied businesses related to this could be as follows-

The readymade catalogue made available to designers to choose their style and products

Readymade mood boards with 3D sets to choose from with exhaustive SKUs

3D visualization services with reliable partners and economic pricing

Billing and costing experts empowered with tool and tech

Project planning and scheduling service on-demand/project

Validation team on-demand/project

Curated on stop material suppliers across categories

Empanelled and tested factories and installation/carpenter teams

Escrow account to have better control on finance

QC engineers and team on demand

Imagine the power a designer gets, once a business offers all these allied services at a reasonable rate to the whole community. On one hand, it saves massive cost to designer and in return the customer, also on other hand the service provider which treats Designer as a privileged customer can do a scalable business of its own.
This in a way can also be called the real women empowerment where one company supports another to scale and grow together in synergy!


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