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Are you interested in API Engineering Service? Digital Apicraft is here to help you with this. They were founded in mid-2015 by a group of tech enthusiasts with strong expertise in APIs, enterprise platforms, and integration. In a short period, they have grown into a leading product and SaaS company in the API and cloud engineering space. They help enterprises in banking, insurance, telecom, energy, healthcare, retail, and media transform into experience enterprises. Their global team of engineers has delivered solutions to complex problems for financial and telecom enterprises across the US and UK. They are strategic partners for several financial institutions in their Open Banking and PSD2 journey. 

What do they offer?

They build the right APIs, infrastructure, and experiences for your digital business. Leverage the best minds, solutions, frameworks, accelerators, and services in the API space to help unlock business value. For API engineering they offer: 

  • Apigee Professional Services: They help enterprises accelerate their digital journey by offering a wide range of scalable and secure solutions on top of Apigee. With best-in-class API talent and years of Apigee platform experience under the belt, they help global enterprises re-use their core assets and make technology updates faster with minimal impact on business.
  • Apigee Installation: As premium Google-Apigee partners and leaders in the enterprise API ecosystem space, they enable enterprises to kickstart their API journey on Apigee. Their team of engineers helps install, baseline, and enhance your Apigee setup to best suit your business needs and model. Be it On-Prem, Multi-Cloud Apigee setup, or Hybrid Cloud setup, they can simplify your digital journey and let you focus on innovation.
  • Developer Portal Customisation: Expose your APIs and offer the best possible developer experience with their developer portal services. From building a new developer portal to migrating, their team of experts can get you up and running in no time. Ensure API adoption and deliver consistent brand experience across developer portals through their best practices, accelerators, and customization services.
  • API Design & Development: They help enterprises craft an effective API strategy after a thorough analysis of business and application goals. Leverage proven best practices in API space to develop scalable and secure APIs for cloud, mobile applications, and web services. From simple API development to complex custom APIs, we deliver reliable, well-structured, and high-performance APIs to meet your business needs.
  • Apigee Traning for Partners & Customers: From offering standard Apigee training modules to bespoke training packages, they help partners and customers gain a competitive edge with Apigee across designing, implementing, deploying, installation, management, and maintenance. With over 50 Google Apigee Developer Bootcamps worldwide and over 2000+ developers trained, they help enterprise teams scale up and get the most out of Apigee.

They craft the right Cloud infrastructure and experiences for your digital business. Leverage the best minds, solutions, frameworks, accelerators, and services in the Cloud space to help unlock business value. For cloud engineering they offer: 

  • Cloud Security Engineering with GCP and AWS: As premium GCP partners and with extensive experience in AWS, they offer the best solutions and services to reduce the threat and protect business-critical data. From setting up the right security policies, encryption, identity, and access management to backup systems, they have helped global enterprises focus on their core business while they ensure that your systems, data, and applications are secure and free from threats.
  • Setting up Logging, Monitoring, and Alerting for On-Prem and Cloud Infrastructure: Their solutions coupled with our accelerators and frameworks help enterprises collect metrics from multi-cloud and hybrid infrastructure in real-time. They have helped global brands with custom dashboards and reports on their applications to help make business-critical decisions. They have delivered several complex Monitoring, Logging, and Analytics Implementation using ELK.
  • Setting up APIs, Microservices Infrastructure (Google Cloud): As premium Google Cloud partners and having worked with leading cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, etc., they can help enterprises establish a modular system to easily adapt to future changes. Their expertise in leading API management platforms, Drupal, and other key open-source technologies helps drive easy modernization of systems.
  • Setting up Messaging Infrastructure with APIs and Microservices: Their expertise and group of engineers have helped leading enterprises across industries to establish the right messaging set up so that their systems allow reliable and secure exchange of information with applications. From open-source tools to complex messaging architectures, their experience has helped businesses develop robust, scalable, and innovative applications.

They are an enthusiastic group of crafters with a passion for solving complex enterprise challenges. As disruptors in the API space, they focus on transforming enterprises into true Experience Enterprises. As thinkers, creators and disruptors, they have crafted an open and collaborative culture to help build a digital world that is intelligent, intuitive, imaginative, and delightful. They are constantly evolving and looking for smart people to join them in their mission to create experience enterprises. Check out our current openings to see if you are interested in changing the world with tech. They love APIs. This passion translates into their vision to be the leading API ecosystem product and solutions provider. They are driven to make a difference, not only for their customers but to the technology space that they excel in.


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