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Tell us about your company. Its vision and mission.

At DIVYAJIVAN we imagine an organization for Healthcare Related services, Clinical Research Services and Pharmaceutical Products. We work with a scientific edge, technological expertise, and better foresight with the goal of being a catalyst for enhanced innovations to promote better therapies for patients.

In all the services, DIVYAJIVAN emphasizes pursuing our belief system to deliver excellence. Our values and dedication to Creativity, Perfection and Quality have allowed us to establish ourselves as one of India’s most secure and trusted Healthcare organizations.

  • Vision:

Transforming the community where every person has a healthy life.

  • Mission:

To develop a healthcare system where quality service is provided with a humane approach at affordable cost.

What services/products do you provide to the customers? Why should one prefer you?

Healthcare ServicesClinical Research ServicesPharmaceutical ProductBiomedical equipment
Healthcare MembershipClinical Trials ManagementPharmaceutical Product ManufacturingBiomedical equipment Sell and Service
(1) Diamond– Early PhaseImport and export
(2) Platinum– BA/BE Study
(3) Golden– Late Phase
Healthcare Project Management & Healthcare quality ConsultancyRegulatory affair and Scientific writingPharmaceutical Product MarketingBiomedical equipment Rental service
Healthcare softwareProject ManagementPharmaceutical Product supply chain
Healthcare InsurancePharmacovigilance and safety Management

How do you stay informed with current healthcare advancements?

I specifically connect myself with people of my own sector, so that our meets and conversation bring some part of the news to me. Apart from that we all use the News, Phones, Media to keep ourselves updated about the latest advancement.

By my interest I also continuously read books& Attend conference. They help me evolve my knowledge about the past of some issues related to health care. And that information is helps me to make the treatment better & better every time. Along with all these sources the people whom I work with, are also well experienced & smart, so treat our patients in a best way we keep our technologies, treatments, equipment & information always updated.

How do you see the future of health care?

I believe the future of healthcare industry is very challenging and lucrative. There are many untouched arenas with huge growth potential. Franchise based healthcare services, Digital Health, Healthcare membership, Health Tourism, Rental services of equipment are some of these area.

Atdivyajivan we strive to explore all these areas and contribute towards better health of population.

In your opinion, what are the industry’s biggest challenges right now?

The biggest challenges in front of health care sector for now are: rising costs of land and equipment, lack of infrastructure, disjointed efforts towards holistic healthcare, shortfall of trained human resources, grey areas in regulatory affairs.

All the stakeholders need to work together to solve all these challenges of the healthcare sector. Many of the challenges are interlinked as well. The rising costs of land and equipment are not allowing smaller players to foray into healthcare which in turn contributes towards lack of infrastructure and facilities. The linking of efforts need to be done to get the desired output. Lack of clarity in regulatory affairs is also one of the deterrents. Less healthcare organizations create less jobs and shortfall of trained human resource leads to misfits and this vicious cycle goes on. Accessibility and affordability of healthcare services also poses as a major challenge.

What is your strategy to reach new industries and new customers?

Our main aim is to help the needful people through our service. We intend to reach the people who require our services and provide them the experience at an affordable cost. Instead of one time contact we want to be with them throughout by our healthcare memberships, rental mode and resort healthcare services. We would also be working on healthcare franchising model. Including pharmaceutical products and biomedical equipment in our profile along with healthcare services, we want to be the one stop solution for all requirements. Similarly in clinical research and trail field, we are covering consulting, regulatory affairs, conducting trials of all phases and thus covering the entire gamut of services.

It is often said that a career in healthcare is a ‘thankless job. ‘How do you keep yourself motivated and engaged, even on the days when you feel your work goes unnoticed?

If someone is doing things without any expectation, then it makes no difference if their work goes unnoticed or not. I feel immense joy from the bottom of my heart, when I see that my efforts are bringing a change. If through my contribution there is a small change in the healthcare scenario of the country than I will be more than happy.

Please tell us about your upcoming projects.

I would like to expand our network in all over India and also in US (the remaining part). I am keen towards powering the Healthcare Sector. We will be foraying into BA/BE studies, Clinical trials management of all phases and become the one stop solution. We will continue to expand our memberships and try to touch more lives.

What are your greatest accomplishments?

  • MBBS MD (Internal Medicine) B J Medical College Ahmedabad
  • Fellow in Cardiology – U. N. Mehta Institute of Cardiology & Research center. Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
  • Associate Fellow in Industrial Health
  • NABH Assessor for Ethics Committee – Clinical Trials
  • DNB – PG Teacher – General Medicine at BAPS Pramukh Swami Hospital, Surat, Gujarat, India
  • CEO – BAPS Pramukh Swami Hospital, Surat, Gujarat, India
  • Head of Clinical Research – BAPS Pramukh Swami Hospital, Surat, Gujaarat, India
Year of Founding2019
Office Locations India, USA
Website https://divyajivanhealth.org/
Sources and references DIVYAJIVAN
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