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“on the move to be a prominent consultation provider for business”

Dkode global is a highly professional and focused team that can analyze and improve your business. It was founded in 2012 and they’ve been growing ever since. They will help you to evaluate your current situation so that you can find out what you need to improve on. Dkode global has a number of services, such as IT consulting, cloud storage, IT infrastructure, data center, digital marketing, and much more. They also offer management and operations of the cloud, IT infrastructure, and cloud-based apps. Their consultants are all certified in many areas, such as project management, business analysis, security, system administration, and even communication. They have their own ITIL-certified teams that are ready to help everyone. Their website says that they have over 400 employees and they serve customers all over the world. 

The services they provide:

 For Businesses

  • Business consulting (If you are having a problem or want to achieve your goal they will help you out)
  • Market research (If you want to know about market scenario or what your customers feel? They will help you to get the perfect perception.
  • Marketing (If you like more number of customers and more market share? Well, this is the right place for you.
  • Product lunch (Are you going to launch a new product/service? or  are you  going to enter into new market? Now no need to worry about it, they are here to help you out on this)
  • Brand building (want to change your  brand image or to create one? They will do that as well)
  • IT consulting (Automate your processes? Upgrade your existing IT infrastructure? They will assist you)

For startups

  • Startup advisory (If you want to lunch your startup, India’s best brains will assist you)
  • Feasibility study (Can your product or service grab attention? Is your business plan economically practical? They will let you know if it will work or not)
  • Market research
  • Product launch
  • Brand building
  • Growth strategy (after launching a product if you are looking for growth then this is the right place for you)

Political consulting

  • Political consulting (Want to contest? Want to win an election? They will help you contest and win)
  • Poll strategy (They will help you to run your competition)
  • Pre poll/exit poll (if you have a chance or you want to know Where do you stand? Don’t worry, they are more than experts at pre-poll/exit-poll surveys)
  • Reputation building (If you want to make an impression there are here to help you out)
  • Media management (They will guide you if you are Struggling with your PR or No idea how to make your work visible)
  • Digital marketing (If you are struggling to connect with voters? They will help you to make your digital presence strong)

Why Dkode global?

Their mission is to help businesses, startups & politicians achieve their goals. They are curious and enthusiastic about their work. So when their clients discuss something it makes them understand their problems better and they love to coordinate with them. They believe that at the end of the day, productivity and results are the things that matter. So that’s the reason they promise and deliver them, every single time. Do you have an idea to lunch a startup? Or do you want an affordable solution designed for startups? Dkode Global will be there to help you out with your startup ideas. They are founded by IIT-IIM, so you will have the best minds of the country working for you. So here I guess you have a glimpse of an idea about Dkode Global. And I hope next time you have a startup idea or having issues in your company, the first name that comes in your mind should be Dkode Global (people|process|performance).

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