Dobiee Foods India Pvt Ltd

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“Sweetness redefined with innovation “

Dobiee International is here to Innovate the way India and World see candies and Lollipops today. With a mission to awaken the creative spirit and inner naughty child in everyone. With Creative and most imaginative products one can dream of. Dobiee International boasts of the largest and unparalleled selection of candies and Lollipops. Their Brand “Dobiee” is known for its impeccable Taste and Quality. Their candies and Lollipops taste Different and by that, they mean the best, because they are here to create a difference, their progress plan is to evolve as a market leader not only in terms of Sales & Profits but also, they want to evolve as Best Organization to work in and work with.

The CEO Mr. Arjun Mukesh Dharamshi is Mechanical Engineer and Gold Medallist in International Business & Marketing from France. An avid traveler, he has visited more than 25 countries around the Globe, He is the driving force behind the expansion plans of the current set-up which will make the company, one of the most innovative candies and lollipop companies around the globe.

A clear achiever with the desire to absorb and develop new skills, he has left no stone unturned whilst learning and implementing production processes, researching market demand, understanding and attaining worldwide quality standards, developing strategies, integrating new technology, and personally visiting customers abroad to expand the market operations. He believes an organization with Right Culture can create magic for internal as well external customers. He is the driving force behind Dobiee International, he always believes in aligning individual vision with organization vision to work in synergy with everyone.

Strong in terms of ethics and principles

  • Strong Values
  • Right Attitude
  • Strong Ambition
  • Clarity of Goals and purpose

Products they have:

  1. Candies
  2. Lollipops
  3. Marshmallows
  4. Toffees

They are here With a Vision to not only spread sweetness and color in their Indian Customer’ lives, but they also want to spread happiness around the World. With over 25 countries’ cultural, political, and economic experience and expertise of their founder, they as an ethical Indian brand want to drive the export flag of India all over the world. Taking Indian Brand “Dobiee” Proudly to the world and above. They want to be the Best Export House in India and around the Globe. They plan to do this by participating in all major confectionery and Food Exhibitions held in India and abroad such as ISM – Germany, YummEx Middle East – Dubai, World Food Moscow- Russia, Sweets & Snacks – Chicago USA, and so on.


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