Dominix Global Design is committed to closing the gap between the arts, sciences, and human psychology.

Dhruva Paknikar, Founder & Executive Director Dominix Global Design

India’s design industry is growing at an extraordinary rate of 23 to 25 percent per year, indicating a qualitative change in the look and feel of consumer goods. Industry insiders believe that the growth in the design industry is due to consumer buying power and changing needs. With today’s brand positioning and identity trends, industries that shape the consumer base with their art forms are more aware of the value of design. To start a design company, an individual should have creative skills, appropriate equipment, and business knowledge.

Dominix Global Design Private Limited thrives as the world’s first and best design consultancy, capable of calculating more than 90% of Dominix-curated design deliverables and business effects based on over 200 Human Psychological Guidelines. According to Dhruva Paknikar, Founder and Executive Director of Dominix Global Design, “Dominix is dedicated to bridging the gap between the arts, sciences, and human psychology, and the laws of visual, tectorial, and experiential nature serve as the foundation of our thinking. Our deliverables are frequently tangible, but at Dominix, we start with the intangibles; an experience of humanity is our core value.”

Dominix is a mash-up of strategists, designers, artists, engineers, and researchers. A purely service-driven company that will frequently push boundaries to create and design-driven business plans, shaping the product, service, brand perception, brand value, and customer enhancement and sales. “What matters is transparency, and at Dominix, it’s always DomiFami. Everyone is exceptional at something; we select the appropriate amount of quality in each individual to make this amalgamation the best and fastest growing young design studio in the world!” “Dhruva adds.

Dominix claims that architecture is far more than just ideation and problem solving at its core. The design enhances an experience, creates a sense of atmosphere, and results in an inherently extraordinary operation. Design is the result of the efforts of everyone who contributes to it, whether directly or indirectly. The company provides a wide range of design services, including Holistic Experience Design, a dimension that distinguishes the best from the average. When it comes to building or updating a brand, design-driven awareness is critical.

Offers from Dominix

Dominix creates a brand’s holistic experience, taking into account all aspects of architecture, human psychology, and interpretation. To elevate the brand image and recall value for the improved business, the organisation designs the perception of products and companies to exude the value they offer and employs a combination of design concepts and human perception rules. Dominix Business Strategies® and Context Mapping® are not only understandings, but also tools that can theoretically mitigate business challenges and ensure that the company’s vision, ethos, and business strategy ensure exponential growth.

Dominix develops products in the digital and niche realms to allow new possibilities and interactions, as well as to develop ways to create products and applications to improve everyday life and solve micro and macro problems. The company offers Start-Up Strategies, which strategically support start-ups by applying design thinking and methods at the very beginning of the business to ensure success and deliver it at a very reasonable cost. Also, providing the best design and business plans at the best price to ensure the startup’s rapid growth.

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